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Playing Politics with Life

Washington, DC. Mar. 24th, 2005 ---- The whole media circus surrounding the manufactured hype about Terri Schiavo speaks volumes as to the lengths the fundamental Christian Republicans will go to maintain power.

Thousands of Americans are dying in pain every day, and don't even get a passing mention, but to support Jeb Bush and the future plans of the ultra right wing Christian fundamentalists all stops have been pulled out. Jeb Bush is looking for his next step up the Bush Dynasty ladder to the White House. He is out of work in 2006. Some believe he will replace Dick Cheney, who with a "sudden illness", will eventually step down and allow the next Republican hopeful to become the incumbent.

Bush is in a jam. His Iraq debacle is in a quagmire, Afghanistan is slipping into a lawless Drug State, his Social Security plans to hand the supporters in Wall Street a windfall investment treasure chest is dead, and altogether his policies are expensive failures. Daddy Bush used Flag Burning to divert the peoples attention away from the truth, and now Karl Rove and the other Bush Handlers have found the Red Herring of the Century. They believe it will position Jeb Bush, discredit the "Liberal" Supreme Court and fill the ever obliging CNN with emotive reruns of the old video of Terri smiling.

What this really does is show the disgusting state of healthcare under Bush, and even under Clinton before him. The starving to death of any person is not the ideal face of compassionate conservatism. There needs to be less spending on bombs, weapons and aggression and more on the healthcare of the US population.

In California the Feds blasted the State for allowing dying patients to ease their terminal pain with Marijuana. They have ignored thousands across the United States with similar painful ends. But to support the image of Jeb Bush all the doctors, courts and common sense are to be thrown aside for high visibility publicity.

But the Christian Fundamentalists had better be careful. They are whipping up public opinion against the taking of a life by the Courts. The backlash against Capital Punishment, the darling of the right wing, could be in jeopardy. Bush, who as Governor of Texas had more executed than anywhere else, now believes the Courts should not be allowed to "take a life". The abuse of life by the CIA on the orders of the White House with their policy of sending prisoners to be tortured, even killed for their beliefs, hardly fits in with the desire to preserve life at any costs.

This is a cheap political publicity stunt to make Jeb Bush look good in the eyes of the Fundamental Christian Right Wing, whose swing vote put Bush into the White House, and whose support is needed to put Jeb there too.

Shame on you all!!

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