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“The health of a people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.”
Benjamin Disraeli

Taiwan Free Fire Zone

Washington, DC. Mar. 12th, 2005 ---- The proposed legislation from Beijing that makes invading Taiwan a step closer has taken some US politicians by surprise. Wakey Wakey! Many of us have been saying this will happen for years and the "Head up Ass" politicians and their advisors can't see it. They are too busy strutting around the playground telling all the little guys that they are a Superpower.

The Superpower title is like Miss World, it is only for a short time, and in a short period of time another will take your place. Furthermore you don't get to keep it if you outsource all your duties to the other contenders, and screw the people who got you to the finals.

So does this mean that the landing craft are being filled with legions of Chinese Warriors determined to take back the rebel island for Beijing. Hardly, but it shows the Chinese have learned the value of playing to the media from the US. The hollow threats from US Presidents from Reagan to Bush, especially Bush, have become a hallmark of US Policy. Rattling the Sabre doesn't costs lives, makes your supporters feel good, and hopefully sends a message to the target audience.

But all that being said the pressures inside both China and India will one day reach an unmanageable level and there will be an explosion. Then the situation will be that China and India will not tolerate the continuing interference in all global matters economic and military by the United States. Currently the US believes that as the "SuperPower" it can dictate how the world is run, which style of government, and who should get access to the worlds natural and intellectual resources. That situation puts it on collision course with Europe, India, China and a future Islamic Middle East.

In military terms the decision to pass laws concerning the invasion of Taiwan as cutting down all the trees and foliage to create a "Free fire" zone before installing the big guns on the hilltop. When they start hauling the big guns up the hill start getting very worried.

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