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Too Fat to Fight!

Washington, DC. Mar. 10th, 2005 ---- Watching the mutation of Bird Flu in Vietnam and Cambodia brings to mind the route of an earlier epidemic of lesser proportions, brought to the USA by returning GI's from contact with the villages of Vietnam. They had resistance to that strain and were fit, so were the general population.

Today the military are fit, as always, but the population are becoming fat and flabby, their vital organs overtaxed supplying oxygen and blood to a mass of fat.( OK, sensitivity has never been one of my strong points!) Heaven knows how many have shattered immune systems from HIV. The Gays and gutless politicians won't let the numbers be published, for fear of offending.

Any thinking American should by now have realized that sooner or later the population will be under attack from a killer virus, as well as numerous enemies growing in strength and determination day by day. The overstretched military has only a finite time before it snaps, and the Barbarians could come streaming through the gates of bases around the Middle East and Far East. Hopefully they will be out of the region before that point is reached, and it is merely discussed as a theoretical exercise.

The growing tensions between the US and China will eventually be decided on the field of battle. No amount of high technology and cute flying drones will decide this war. It will be 300 million people fighting 2,000 million, or more.

Looking around Washington, New Jersey and New York this week I wonder if the majority of our youth, and twenty somethings could survive an assault on a defended beach without a Supersized Drink in one hand and a MegaGiantBurger in the other. As a nation the US is on the slippery slope of consumption, obesity and a total material society where possessions mean more than relationships. Where virtual video games and television can replace reality for solving threats, and where superior technology can kick butts anywhere in the world. The Germans had by far the finest military technology in the world in 1943, the finest trained armies, and thanks to idiot politicians lost the war. The low tech human waves of Joe Stalin won the war. Had the Allies faced the full German Army on the beaches of Normandy we would be speaking German today. But we didn't and we don't.

I live in hope that although George Bush lied to the American people over Weapons of Mass Destruction for political gain, he really knew there were none there. As the ruling class in the US bankrolled both Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler you would believe the top people knew the facts. If they didn't it's time to consider life on that remote South Sea Island. For believing in history repeating itself we are destined to follow this war with another one even more destructive, needing the involvement of every able bodied man and woman. And that is where the problems begin.

The nation has to face military enemies, it also has to face the looming pandemic of Flu, overdue in sweeping the world. Both demand a fit, healthy population. But a fit and healthy population is also a thinking population, as oxygen finally gets to the brain. That means reading the nutritional values on the side of food and drinks, and asking questions about additives, and safety of pharmaceuticals and food additives. The last thing Rumsfeld, Cheney and the other Big Business CEO's want.

So to make them ever more richer they allow battalions of obese young men and women to waddle towards a heart attack, and make the military try and recruit from the smart ones who can still jump out of a Foxhole and run towards the enemy. What will be left after a major conflict will be a gene pool that will hardly support a Superpower, in creating technological advances and projecting power. I know this sounds like a scene from Dr. Strangelove, but take a minute to look around next time you walk around a major city, and imagine a wave of Chinese, Iranians or Koreans charging the other way with fixed bayonets.

Quick pelt them with the Crisp Onion Rings they are on special this week!



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