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“The health of a people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.”
Benjamin Disraeli

Never Ending Election

Washington, DC. Mar. 8th, 2005 ---- The election is over, isn't it??

No, the last thing the Bush Administration wants is to allow the hype and hysteria that surrounds an election to end. Once the audience stops cheering the acts in the circus ring they start looking at the playbill and the real costs of having the circus in town. Keep them in a state of excitement and they will blindly follow. Karl Rove? No old Joe Goebbels.

I know the Republicans hate any reference to the Nazis, but Karl's playbook is a mirror image of old Joe's. But what the hell, I'll be long gone before the voting public realize their mistakes.

The Social Security debate is a classic example. If Bush would pay back the money he has borrowed from the Social Security fund to pay for his war then it would be fine for another 75 years, about the same period of time the American taxpayers will have paid down the debt of eight years of George Bush. Clinton does not get off either, for he had no problem in using Social Security funds for anything he wanted.

But wait a minute, the nation is supposedly under threat from Al Qaeda, braced for a devastating attack by terrorists, and at war in Iraq. So how can the Commander in Chief afford to spend 60 days selling his junk bonds to the US public.

"Come on down suckers, give Bush Cronies your hard earned dollars, invest in those who invest in George. We're going to create a political superfund to make sure there is never a Democrat in the White House again!"

Bet a big chunk of your investment dollars go to the Oil industry, Haliburton and the list of big contributors to the Bush reelection campaign. Bet the political appointees who manage, or guide the investment account find reasons to blacklist every big Democratic contributor.

But wait there is more! Thanks to the Bush policies and arrogance in dealing with our friends around the world investment in the US is drying up. If the politicians had a huge investment fund to play with, they could insulate the defense contractors, oil companies and big business from external pressures. The only people to feel the cold would be the laid off workers in the other industries such as textiles, steel, shipbuilding, and manufacturing. But they don't matter for they mainly vote Democrat. What a plan!

Unfortunately Joe G found out a fatal flaw in his plan. It has a "best before" date. It causes such a backlash that the whole world joins together to end the excesses. That's when you have your Nuremberg rallies to drum up undying support. Find a scapegoat who can't fight back and blame it all on them. Finally use enabling legislation to make it all legitimate and permanent. And you believe it can't happen here because of the man made Constitution? Social Security Rescue Fund, or party war chest for a Thousand Year Republican Dynasty.

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