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“The health of a people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.”
Benjamin Disraeli

Too Many Bloody "Mistakes"

Washington, DC. Mar. 6th, 2005 ---- Enough of this crap from the Pentagon, admit US forces are deliberately killing journalists who write or report negative stories or try and work independent of the propaganda pool.

There have been far too many journalists killed by "accidental" blasts of fire, especially from tanks.

This last murder, or accidental killing of the Italian negotiator needs to be fully investigated by a team of detectives from US Law Enforcement, not the whitewashing spin doctors of the Army.

From English TV news teams criticizing abuses, to the Arab news offices blasted by a still unexplained round from another US tank into a hotel full of western journalists, the army has been systematically taking it's fury out on the messenger instead of the politicians. Don't blame journalists for reporting the abuses and torture, don't blame photographers for recording US casualties. Blame the extremists who encourage the abuses in the first place.

The US military is repeating the mistakes of Vietnam, where hot headed, trigger happy soldiers took out their frustration on the unarmed population. When they got bored of killing them, they started shooting and fragging Officers. The military enthusiasts won't like this, but answer the question why the US has the highest incidents of "Friendly Fire" of all the other forces, even corrected for numbers of troops deployed.

It's only a matter of years before the US has to fight a major war again in the Far East. Many believe it will be between 2010 and 2025. The Christian Fundamentalists in Washington would like the young soldiers of the US Military to be slaughtered on the land of the Bible to rebuild Solomon's Temple. Sounds crazy but they also believe in the destruction of the world and the second coming of Christ. Watch out Syria and Persia. Oops sorry it was renamed Iran, but it's still Persia to them.

Either way we will need the world behind us, and not so far behind to avoid being shot to bits for giving advice. There is no war, just an occupation. The Second World War ended when the Germans and Japanese surrendered, not when the occupation ended, for we are still basing military forces in those countries. But that is the last thing the military wants to hear. They want endless war, with no real enemy except pissed off civilians and resistance fighters. But unlike every war in history the "Bush War" may never end in victory, for the original victory in the war will become the victory in the battle to occupy Iraq, as a precurser to the retreat, on the lines of Vietnam.

Tell your Grandchildren to watch out for roadside bombs when they go over to protect the Oilfields of Greater Israel.

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