Health and National Security


Obesity and National Security

Washington, DC. Mar. 4th, 2005 ---- The "Politically Correct" morons take offense at me suggesting that fat tubs of lard are a risk to security, and our ability to fight in times of war. I am guilty of "Offending their Sensitivity". Being sensitive isn't working , and the problem is getting worse.

I commented on the number of young men and women waddling around, sucking their supersize sodas through a straw, and gasping for every breath. Dare to suggest they are killing themselves and burdening their society, and they run sobbing to their Lawyers with tales of "Mental and Psychological Abuse".

I firmly believe there has to be some form of Draft in the near future. Not the same as in WWII or even Vietnam, but every able bodied man and woman needs to step up to the plate and serve the country that supports and protects them. They can't take a pill, as the constant stream of TV ads tell us is the cure for everything, and they will have to endure being trained to a fitness level where they will not be a burden to those around them. The longer they wait, the harder it becomes, and the more strain is placed on the heart and vital organs.

But today the problem is big business catering chains stuffing our weak willed youth with junk food so they can sit in front of the TV and become brainwashed. Physical education in schools has been replaced because some fat tub of lard may fall off the equipment and hurt himself. Then the out of control trial lawyers will sue the teachers, school, school district, county, State and equipment manufacturer for millions, at 60% cut for themselves. And we are trying to tell the rest of the world about freedom and justice?

The policy of "Sensitivity" about gross obesity is not working and we are killing our youth. It's no good worrying about Social Security for the Baby Boomers if 60% of our young population is laid up or working below their normal capacity because of their inability to say no to supersizing everything. It is the responsibility of the elders to show them the error of their ways.

The military are moving into the schools to push their recruiting. Let's let them take over the physical training of our youth. The failed education system isn't producing a generation that can compete in the global marketplace, as well as our competition, at least give the youth a fit body. It will never happen, so we will go on supersizing and in twenty years of so the tubs of lard will roll over and scream for their lawyers when the Chinese come calling.

We have a looming national crisis. Fix it Now!

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