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FDA - Changing Spots?

Washington, DC. Mar. 2nd, 2005 ---- That bastion of special interests and the envy of every secret society, the FDA, promises it will change it's way of working and become more of what it is supposed to be, and less of what it is, according to Lester M. Crawford, the acting Commissioner.

Hearing this all the Zebras promised they would replace their stripes with user friendly spots and learn to fly. Talk is cheap, unless it comes from a politician then it becomes very expensive for someone, usually the taxpayer.

"There has been considerable publicity of late regarding high-profile products about which safety questions have been raised. It is important that these concerns do not distort the fact that drugs are safer today than they have ever been before and that millions of Americans each day benefit from drugs that keep them alive and enhance their quality of life."

No sir, the questions are about why you approved them without looking at the facts from around the world. We investigate and prosecute criminals for their crimes, but by your reasoning they should be ignored because there are millions of law abiding citizens.

The FDA, like the SEC have forgotten who they serve, and why they are there. They have become the "Lobbyists Country Club" on the Potomac, and whilst I believe there should be a close cooperation between industry and government regulators the current relationship leaves a lot to be desired. There are far too many allegations of graft and corruption with some of the major Pharma companies. This is stupid for within the next four years healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry will be under the microscope like never before.

Lobbyists have a job to do, and a valuable link in the process. Unfortunately the lure of huge profits has bent the system out of shape. Ethical reporting of dangers has been replaced by "save the obscene profits at all costs", including death of patients. That scenario will of course be defended by the legions of sleaze bag lawyers who want to stifle criticism, and pick up a chunk of the billions in profits for their Cayman bank accounts.

It's time to end the mega millions merry go round and start ethical healthcare, before the pendulum swings the other way and the pharmaceutical companies live to regret it. The clock is ticking and soon the bulk of voters will also be needing medications. Even the younger voters have eaten themselves into the healthcare system years before they were due.

Tick, tock. Tick tock!

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