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Erectile Dysfunction Epidemic

Washington, DC. Mar. 1st, 2005 ---- When we upgraded our Pharma and healthcare intelligence systems several months ago we began tracking the risks to the publics around the world. Tracking this isn't rocket science and is very basic open source intelligence.

Seems we missed the pandemic that is sweeping America, Erectile Dysfunction. Every TV Channel, often every network commercial break, pushes the wonder pills that seem to be the overwhelming focus of the US Pharma industry. Looking around the streets of Washington I see thousands crippled in pain from 4 hour erections.

Back to the Intel War Room. I see Bird Flu, AIDS even common Flu as cause for concern. I see warning flags about resistance to Antibiotics. I see an industry incapable of producing enough Flu injections to meet the basic needs of it's population, but no matter how hard I look I can't see the global concern that is on our TV screens every few minutes.

I talk to sick Gulf War Veterans who have been told they are imagining their plight. Vietnamese who are dying from Agent Orange, and a whole lot more people dying from Obesity, and the excesses of Big Business. But I can't find one person to talk on camera about having to go to the Emergency Room for ED. Bob Dole of course, but he was always ready to say anything at the right price.

The chances are those clucking hens from Vietnam and Cambodia will wreak havoc on the Americans for the landmines and Agent Orange. God has a way of punishing those who cause pain and suffering on that scale.

But don't worry there are dozens of new antibiotics shortly available to save the population!

Well not exactly. It's far more profitable to use the research facilities, often paid for with taxpayer money one way or another, to produce vanity drugs such as Viagra and Cialis than it is to find a replacement for Penicillin. Trouble is we are feeding these existing wonder drugs to every fish, chicken, pig, and bovine we can. It seems that the livestock producers and fish farmers want to pump up their profits too. Before long the food that sustains life will be killing us slowly. Some believe it already is.

I live with graphs showing convergence of important timelines. Be it Shiite resistance to the occupation, Iran's change of being bombed, critical infrastructure failures, and now looming medical disasters. Being one who may succumb to a healthcare threat I take great interest in things that can kill me. Seems the government and pharmaceutical industry don't. They seem to believe that the Lobbyists and Lawyers will stop any epidemic.

The FDA in a word has been useless. Ineffective and neither serving the public, nor innovative companies with breakthrough drugs.

But above all the public perception of US pharmaceuticals is far from satisfactory. The companies need to address their image as a matter of urgency. The showing of Viagra and Cialis commercials every five minutes does not say "Caring". It says "Big Profits" and shows the unacceptable face of Capitalism. Remember Hilary is in the wings waiting to come into the spotlight.

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