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Who Can You Trust?

Washington, DC. Feb. 21st, 2005 ---- When I present workshops, or briefings to executives I stress the importance of maintaining an independent intelligence function to ensure decisions are made on validated information. Many executive see no purpose in this as they can get their news free of charge from the TV, and can buy reports from the big corporations their competitors use. Newspapers are just as bad.

Once upon a time the journalists were a hard nosed lot determined to dig for the truth, and with a slogan that "The public needs to know the facts". They are a dying breed.

Today truth comes with lawsuits, threats and doors slammed in ones face. We see journalists going on the payroll of people they should be reporting about. The Bush Administration has honed this skill to new heights, and sees no problems in "Fixing" the news and pimping for whores to screw the American Public.

"In view of the Democrats disgusting and unpatriotic treatment of your historic vision do you think your great and omnipotent policies will be recognized as the spectacular achievements they are"

"Good question, and here is the answer for me to read, prepared by Karl Rove "

It would be funny but we all saw it unfold in the White House last week and got a load of Gay Porn as well.

Now it's turning out that there are many more reporters and "plants" than first suspected, and just like DJ's accepted Payola to plug pop stars years ago, White House correspondents are getting nice bonuses under the table for their services to the party. But it appears to be far more widespread and not only in DC.

The disinformation floating around Wall Street is keeping pace with DC, and will cost unsuspecting businessmen just as much, if not more. For example the petroleum reserve estimates are about as fluid as crude oil, as is the shortage of Oil, and makes one wonder who is getting rich off the fear mongering. Let's not start on the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. Then there is the silence about the empty factories and plants. Let's worry about the presidential candidates spending Christmas in Cambodia, thirty years ago, and if the other one turned up for a dental appointment. The media likes issues that affect the voting public. The Japanese or Chinese will lease the empty warehouses, let's keep "on message".

The outsourcing of American jobs has been done quietly with little or no uproar from the voting masses, and now has moved into stripping companies of competitive and operating information to make the 1% even richer. If IT, HR, Ops, and Sales are in Bangalore and production is in China it makes sense to pay tax (zero) in Cayman Islands, Bermuda or Fiji. Just pay the CEO's and Directors their millions through a numbered account so they can buy the biggest, best mansions and estates. That's King Louis XVI's special brand of Capitalism.

But wait, breaking news, there is a steroids scandal with professional athletes, and a player was overheard saying that he talked to another about steroids. Forget the news about factory and plant closures let's concentrate on the important distractions.

But it doesn't matter anyway for the Big Capitalists own the news networks and they know no facts will be given out to confuse the gullible public.

If you were making business decisions on these reports your Bank Manager would soon realize the facts. But don't worry for there is a factory in China that will buy all the bankrupt stock, machines and customer accounts. The perky young executives who got you into this mess already have their resumes with Headhunters, and have been wanting a career change anyway.

It pays to create your own intelligence network as well as asking independent consultants, with worldly experience, to cast an eye over the plans, and facts before you. In the media world these used to be called Editors, and they would make sure facts presented were accurate.

In the business world they used to be experienced mature street smart managers. They have been replaced, on the advice of HR Consultants, with cheaper younger managers with their MBA's. That saves a bundle on healthcare costs, and gets a better insurance rate.

Most young executives have never experienced the real world, nor gained the suspicion of both the media and government from active service in the military.

In fact there are a lot of people out there giving bad advice in return for "Consideration" under the table. Just make sure you know the real facts before they try and sell you their version. Who can you trust? Yourself!

Alan Simpson brings you regular commentary from the corridors of power in Washington DC and New York. With experience of working in over 80 countries he looks at events from a global perspective.