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The Ruling Class

Washington, DC Feb. 10th, 2005 --- There is a cancer that grows in any dynamic young democracy which manifests itself as a belief that some are blessed with a cosmic destiny that they were born to lead. They believe that they alone are right, and although preaching freedom and democracy, they believe a supreme power exempts them from practising what they preach. Sadly Washington is becoming the world leader in hypocracy, and the Bush Dynasty believe they have a unique insight in the way the world should be governed. All the other nations should follow....or else! The masses of course do not have any say in this process, except to contribute their hard earned dollars to pay for the manifest destiny of the world as dictated by God to the privileged few.

What worries me the most with this Administration is that it believes, like the Blues Brothers, that it is on a Mission from God. In fact the more you watch the statements of their spokespersons the more the similarities are seem. No one will admit they got it wrong and there are no weapons of mass destruction, or missiles pointed at American cities. But they don't care for the voice of the American public should be reserved for the Super Bowl, or Monday Night Football.

The good news for the public is that historically this usually ends up in a public execution of one sort or another, as the rage of the masses is taken out on the failed leaders. (I am amazed that the Supreme Being doesn't whisk them away into the clouds for carrying out his work.)

Speaking of the ruling classes, today the cable news channels are covering the announcement that Prince Charles is going to marry his long time Mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles. That is earth shattering news and nobody would have expected the two to announce that they were romantically involved. What a secret!

What causes concern is the drivel by the self appointed "Experts" who fill our airwaves with discussion on which title is appropriate for Camilla, how she should be addressed, and which of the Royal Family will have to courtsey to her. How about Mrs. Saxe-Coburg-Gotta and none. The propaganda machine at Buckingham Palace is on overdrive explaining to the unwashed massses that the Prince does "Great Work for Charity". Firstly he doesn't have a real job, career or purpose in life, has everything handed to him, and therefore it's a admirable thing that he does "Great Work for Charity"!

CNN, rapidly becoming more irrelevent than Fox has their "experts" dubbing it the "Marriage of the Decade" and "Defining the 21st Century". I thought Al Qaeda, Hamas and the looming global crisis of one sort or another were more important than a couple of middle aged lovers getting hitched. I have absolutely no problem with them finding true love, and they are nice people but come on enough of this out of date mush.

There is something to be said for a resident Head of State who isn't electioneering all the time. Queen Elizabeth does a very good job, and has been a stabilizing influence for many years. But maybe it's time to reexamine the whole army of paid relatives, and have a process where Parliament offers the Monarchy to the best candidate for the future of the nation. If the "Royals" had to justify their chunk of the taxpayers bounty then we would see less of the antics from pampered Royals we have seen over the last few years.

But then again in the global list of priorities for a modern Government the Princes and Princess Consorts really are a themed entertainment show to distract us all from reality.

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