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by Alan Simpson

The Rape of Iraq

There are two faces to the US involvement in Iraq. One is of young soldiers trying to keep the peace and hold the country together, as they are attacked by desperate suicide bombers.

The other is of fat lawyers, and Robber Barons raping the country of it's assets, and reconstruction funds. There are no suicide bombers in Northern Virginia, so they are safe from danger.

It will be interesting to see how much of the federal funds allocated to the Tsunami disaster relief will be siphoned off to these companies, as they have done with the funds allocated to save the poor in Iraq.

The root of this lucrative scam is the mess created in post war Iraq by the likes of Cheney, Brenner, Bush and the other spokesmen of the Oil industry.

What is the legal status of the administration that is ruling Iraq, and handing out massive contracts for security and reconstruction. Who is in charge, and what laws apply? No wonder the locals are angry and want the US out.

The Bush administration is very good at calling news conferences and announcing the billions of dollars allocated to helping rebuild the bombed out power grid, or the bombed out water treatment plants, but very poor at actually doing anything constructive with the funds.

Yes there are hundreds of projects announced, or started but very few actually working, and even less completed. Tens of millions are skimmed off every contract to feed the new shell companies in the Cayman Islands and Northern Virginia. They mainly offer protection and security on a scale that makes the Mafia look like amateurs.

But before we look closely at the unacceptable face of Capitalism let's examine the framework of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), the strange beast that governs Iraq, or not as the case may be.

Is it part of the US administration, and therefore subject to all the anti-corruption legislation that governs spending of US taxpayer funds, or is it a Texas free for all designed to siphon off all the accumulated wealth of Saddam Hussein, and as much Oil as the line of tankers at Basra can carry. There are a number of investigations underway and they make interesting reading.

Custer Battles, a "security" company from Northern Virginia (and undisclosed locations elsewhere) is claiming in court that they are exempt from any fraud laws and that US companies have a blank check to steal what they want from Iraq.

That's good old American Capitalism.

They point to the deliberate confusion on the status of the CPA created by the Bush administration. Now the world may wonder about this when companies are paid in bundles of bank notes, wrapped in US Treasury bands, and sign a receipt from the US Government. Could the money be actually coming from the US Taxpayer. "Screw the Taxpayer" is the cry from the multi-millionaire lawyers in their silk shirts, and thousand dollar suits and shoes, "This money actually originated from the fire sale of Saddam's Palaces!"

Of course in the interest of National Security the receipts and details of this sale is a state secret, as is the price paid, and list of approved bidders. When it suits the politicians and their contributors all the power of the Presidency can be brought to bear in covering up the ability of the public to learn the facts.

The UN Oil for Food scandal is rapidly being overshadowed by the US Aid for Robber Barons and their Attorney's program of the Bush Administration.

No use of such clever media labels such as "Insurgents" to describe "Resistance Fighters" will hide the fact that the US Administration has let down the US military, US taxpayers, and of course the people of Iraq.

For every dollar these contractors steal and for every project they siphon off badly needed reconstruction funds, another dozen young men join the ranks of Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and the many other splinter groups who oppose the occupation.

In the last few days there is talk of the CPA, which seems to have no standing in International Law, wants to "privatize" over 200 key Iraqi companies. Of course the US companies involved in current scams will be given the first, and maybe the only opportunity to grab these assets at an undisclosed price. French, German, Russian and Chinese investors need not apply.

I won't bother asking where is Congress in this mess. They long ago stuck their heads up their Asses and voted themselves a pay raise.

There are terrorists operating to destroy the way of life of the American People. They live in mansions along the Potomac, or under the Texas sky. They attended Law School and believe they are above the law.

Unfortunately this administration believes they are too. Only the poor American and British soldiers dying for their greed think they should honor their commitments, like the soldiers do daily. But then again the soldier is on minimum wage, how could he understand the millions to be made by screwing the people of Iraq and the USA!