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by Alan Simpson

DC Doldrums

Many have asked if I have stopped writing, or "gone off the air". Some even want to know if I have crawled back under a rock. No such luck.

In fact it is not worth talking about anything till after the Coronation. Sorry, Inauguration in January.

Consider that the Democrats are hiding in holes licking their wounds, and shaking their heads. "How can so many people be so stupid as not to see the reality", they mutter.

Don't be so negative. A whole generation now knows about the battles in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Voters who had only read about the war in history books now can speak first hand about fast boats weaving in and out of the river deltas of the Far East.They raised millions so a rich old man could relive his past before a huge TV audience.

Don't they see it's a made-for-television story of rich spoiled brats, pouting and hugging before the cameras. Dallas revisited.

There are those who believe that John Kerry was a throw-away candidate like Bob Dole was during the Clinton era.The power brokers knew he had no chance at winning, but nicely set up the next guy. Of course the next guy is slated as Hilary.

But consider what the election has achieved.

It has sucked over a billion dollars, that is $1,000,000,000 out of the pockets of the working public, and pay offs from corporations and unions seeking special favors. That money has gone where?

Well it's gone into the election. Where?

Into the election.

The election has kept the country occupied for over two years, whilst the big contributors have closed plants, outsourced high paying jobs, and robbed the country for all it's worth.

No wonder the big corporations, and Texas speculators shell out millions to candidates election coffers.

The media conglomerates make a killing on these elections, ensuring the unwashed masses will not be disturbed by facts and figures, just prepaid campaign commercials. They can then reinforce their revenue stream by 24 hour commentary on the same campaign commercials.

Keep telling the viewers that they are watching the most popular and trusted news source and they will continue to believe them. Of course the other news channels are making the same claims.

So have a little sympathy with the political consultants, campaign managers, and spin doctors in Washington. They have to change jobs, offices, and shuffle allegiance to the new power players. They have to manipulate the system to obtain the maximum tax advantages from all the windfalls they have received from the campaign.

It is very hard to squirrel away all that campaign income, to avoid paying taxes. Taxes are for the poor idiots that contributed to the campaign, and are now looking at their jobs being outsourced, or downsized.

People forget that the politician seen on TV has a whole staff to support. When they lose that staff has to be found payback jobs with another politician. New politicians have to be quietly taken aside and introduced to reality. Their campaign promises should be checked at the door. They work for Washington now, not the people who voted them into office.

So please understand that in all this activity, with the Ship of State stranded in the Doldrums, there really is little to report. The 24 hour news networks will still find sensational news to interrupt the commercial breaks, but really nothing major will come out of this City until after January, when the true face of the party will be revealed. Or not!