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by Alan Simpson

Poison Pills

In August I took the scare mongers to task about their claim that the Canadians were facilitating the entry of potentially poisoned pharmaceuticals into the United States. (Viagra Terror Weapon) That still is valid.

Since August we have been busy with our new food related networks, and looking closely at all aspects of the food chain, and food distribution, including additives. Recently however several emails came referencing that piece about poisoned pharmaceuticals from Canada.

I decided to look into the whole question how difficult it would be to create havoc with bootleg pharmaceuticals. We know the public has an obsession with pills to solve every problem in today's crazy world.

Firstly the pharma companies bombard the viewing public with thousands of commercials a week showing miracle drugs and smiling people no longer crippled with every ailment, real or created for that product. There are less now as some of the most advertised on TV are now banned, and withdrawn from the marketplace. That in itself should raise a red flag to the buying public, but it won't. They will still believe there is a snake oil pill to cure everything.

Every five minutes there is a commercial on every channel about a poor fool, and his grinning wife that have found an herbal pill to make him as horny as a Jack Rabbit in heat. So horny that he embarrasses himself and makes himself the ridicule of the neighborhood. No doctors prescription here, no FDA approval and millions of free samples available. Not even a Canadian pharmacy in sight!

Add to that media bombardment with receiving hundreds of emails offering every prescription drug you can name, over the Internet, in a brown paper wrapper, and without an examination, or Doctors prescription.


By now the smart readers, and those with four hour erections will see where I am going. Millions could be persuaded to send for free samples of anything, and in unison pop the pills into their mouths, hoping for know the dream.

We have a loophole in pharmaceutical regulation which any terrorist can drive an 18 wheeler through and create havoc.

In the August article I did make an assumption that research has proved not valid. I assumed that if you paid for pharmaceuticals over the Internet, because you could not afford life saving drugs, you would only accept pills that were identical, and in identical packages. Not so!

It seems some people are so stupid that they will accept pills crammed in little plastic bags that barely resemble the original, differ in shape and color, and taste completely different. True we rarely taste a pill as we swallow it. But most pills do leave some taste on the tongue before swallowing. If instead of a bitter taste the bootleg pill tastes sweet, like sugar, then we should be suspicious.

Currently the argument is that the pill could be sugar, or baking soda, even Aspirin.

But it could also be Ricin, or any other chemical for that matter. The terrorist doesn't always want to kill. He could just want to send tens of thousands to clog up the Emergency Rooms. Remember anti-personnel mines are most effective maiming a soldier, and tying up resources. Same with using bootleg pharmaceuticals for terror.

In the summer the whole focus of the scare was on legitimate prescribed pharmaceuticals from Canada. It did not include any of the male enhancement products promoted by the Elders of the Republican Party. That would have upset the venerable statesmen with a personal problem!

The focus was the bus loads of little old ladies making the choice to have food on the table, and prescription drugs from Canada.

It's time now to take a look at the pharmaceuticals that do not come from registered pharmacies, on either side of the border.

The kind where millions would sooner get then on the quiet, from an anonymous source, than confide in the local doctor.

The chances that anything will happen should be remote, if we lived in a sane world. But consider this, if you order pharmaceuticals over the Internet the money is collected up front. One recent case had a crook allegedly making $600,000 a month from fake male enhancement drugs over the Internet. If nothing else $600,000 a month will fund a lot of training camps for Al Qaeda, or any other extremist organization. If they respond with pills laced with poison, then you have a major problem.

Makes the original problem seem insignificant. Or was that the original problem anyway?