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by Alan Simpson


The Aftermath

The Quiet before the Storm best describes the mood in Washington. The scores have to be settled for statements made and positions taken during the long, long election battle.

The "Payment Due" slips have to be delivered by the special interest groups that helped sway their constituencies during the campaign. And be assured the fundamentalist religious right will be first in line to remind the President of his promises, and perceived positions. The rhetoric of bringing together left and right falls on deaf ears with these evangelicals, and ultra conservatives.

They believe the Democrats should rot in Hell, and take all Gays, Advocates of Gun Control and Abortion Doctors with them. The President and his staff knows that to deliver all these election promises, and positions behind closed doors will result in Civil War. He and his staff will deflect the onslaught, and eventually it will be business as usual.

In the meantime it is cleaning house time, and resignations blocked in the run up to the elections will now be gladly received.

There are those who will find out that they have resigned whilst watching the evening news, but that's the nature of the beast. There are those Democrats in the think tanks, trade associations, lobbying groups and the whole parasitic organism that feeds on the political process, who will be let go in "Belt Tightening". In other words having lots of Democrats around the office is not productive for the next four years. They will be brought back just before the next election, or if Congress swings Democrat in the mid-term elections.

The state of the Democratic Party means that is unlikely, so save on overheads and fire all those left of center.

The new left leaning candidates in Congress will suddenly find religion and begin to appear right of center. Again that is the nature of the beast.

There has been a lot of lies, downright lies, blatant lies and enough disinformation to make the Stalinist KGB seem like models of truth. These have all been carefully listed and action will be taken quietly to settle scores. The Bush Administration have a long history of punishing those who stray off The Message and the democratic process must not be allowed to interfere with that message.

Shortly it will be Thanksgiving, and then the Christmas Holidays. The Lame Duck Congress will go home, and after the celebrations of New Year then the splendor of the Inauguration will be upon us.

That is why it's quiet in Washington. Nobody wants to rock the boat, talk out of place, or be added to a black list of those to be shown the error of their ways for not being "On Message".

But don't worry CNN and the 24 hour News Networks will create a breaking crisis to amuse and entertain their audiences.