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by Alan Simpson

ComLinks Intelligence Magazine

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Attacking Iran

Washington, DC --- October 19th, 2004-- Over the past few weeks there has been increasing chatter in the Washington, DC rumor mill that an attack on the Iranian nuclear power station was the real "October Surprise".

The announcement that Israel had been given, yes given, 500 "Bunker Busting" bombs for the express purpose of striking at Iran, did nothing to quell the growing crescendo of alarmed voices.

There are those who firmly believe that the fatigue of the long election campaign, and the orchestrated audience reaction to President Bush's visits has installed an even deeper belief in his mind that he is on a Mission from God. A strike against the heart of the Ayatollahs would serve that belief well, and take US Forces even nearer to Iranian Oilfields.

The intelligence on Iranian forces seems to have been dismissed, as does the reaction of the Russians, unless of course President Putin has already been bought off. His gushing praise of Bush this week leads us to believe he has.

The British of course are in the way of a US counter strike against Iran, should Iran retaliate and loose off a few missiles at Israeli nuclear stockpiles. The need, questioned by many, that the British should leave the valuable port of Basra and police the slums of Baghdad now makes sense.

This strike, according to the DC rumor mill, will come from the aircraft carrier John F.Kenendy at the point where it will have maximum effect on the election.

The logic is that the military strike will cause many to stand behind the Commander in Chief, as he attacks terrorism on the soil of an Axis of Evil. It will also screw up the world so bad that the Democrats will abstain and put Bush back in power to clean up the mess! Then Syria can be eliminated, and Israel has a clean path to taking over the lands and creating a "Greater Israel" dream of the ultra right Zionists.

With no Muslims to strike back the Temple Mount will be demolished and the Temple of Solomon will be rebuilt. This will make the Fundamental Christians advising Bush ecstatic, and open the way for the second coming of Christ.

Sounds crazy? They believe this with religious devotion!

Believing your own misinformation is a serious condition, and it is the concern of many that the Bush team have not learned anything from their litany of mistakes and errors by invading Iraq.

To strike at the heart of Iran, without following up with a total invasion, with overwhelming odds, is a folly that will haunt the United States for generations.

Maybe someone should also explain the dynamics of huge numbers of pissed-off rowdies attacking a few troops. Mogadishu on a scale unheard of in modern warfare. The US can't win in the Middle East over the long haul with this strategy of fighting every battle on behalf of right wing extremists in Israel. For the weaker the US becomes on the sands of Persia the stronger the threat from China, North Korea and India.

And the United States is becoming weaker within the Global Village. Or more accurately the key competitors who can destroy the US in years ahead, are becoming stronger.

Within the last few days there has been references to the fact that the invasion was to drive a wedge between Iran and Syria, take control, then finish off the work. If that is so it should be laid out before the voters, and not hidden under a screen of late term abortions, and gay marriage.For to carry out the plan would need a mobilization on the levels of Korea, and Vietnam, and maybe as big as WWII if the conflagration gets out of control.

That means Social Security, Oil prices. Draft and all the hollow campaign promises will go out of the window. There will be no discussion as the wartime legislation will prevent dissention.

But will John Kerry ask the President if he intends to attack Iran? Probably not, for that may result in a few thousand voting for Bush as a "Decisive Leader". The fact that attacking Iran will result in tens of thousands of US troops joining the tens of thousands of Saddam's troops slaughtered in the killing fields of the Iran/Iraq border justifies losing a few votes.

History will show if the concerns over a badly conceived attack on Iraq will be followed by an even worse attack on Iran, without an exit strategy for either, or the superior numbers to end the war as we would like.