by Alan Simpson

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HR - Killing US Industry

There is an enemy destroying US industry, it's global efficiency and profitability. It is not Al Qaeda, but many think they are terrorists just as bad as Bin Laden.

They are the Human Resource terrorists, and their hoards of trial lawyers destroying the fabric of US industry. No wonder the smart companies outsource their work overseas.

The bleeding heart liberals in Washington lead the charge, hatched up in the coffee shops around Dupont Circle. They want huge punishments for managers who "Cross the Line" in asking employees, especially female questions that might impact their ability to put in a complete days work.

Worse still they wrap employers in spiders webs of rules which prohibit them in asking the questions that determine in a candidate has the abilities, training, temperament and qualifications to do the job.

No wonder it is less hastle to sub contract the production to Mexico and China, customer service to India and data input to the Caribbean Islands. If a manager in Mexico compliments a worker on a nice dress, it is not the grounds for a multi-million dollar lawsuit for sexual harassment from some asshole law firm.

It would be doubtful if the US could mobilize for a global war, as it did in the 1940's any more. The days of praising "Rosy the Riveter" for rising to the challenge would result in instant dismissal for those making the statements, and lawsuits as far as the eye could see.

I tend to focus on the global aspects of decisions here in Washington, and the implications on the United States. The Enemies of the State need not reside in caves on the Pakistani border to destroy a successful nation, and the ability of the workforce to sustain jobs and economic growth.

I do join with President Bush on wanting a major overhaul of the litigation damages to industry and healthcare.

The problem with the US today is that a failed education system has given us millions of people with degrees, often advanced degrees but no useful skills. We also have millions of workers who need to be told that they need to be retrained in skills needed for the 21st Century.

But a Manager who dared tell a worker, especially a female worker the facts of the modern economy would be hammered by HR and lawsuits. The result is waves of mass layoffs and the only alternative, outsourcing to regions without these legal straightjackets.

I am disappointed that the debates have not spent more time on global trade, and the declining ability of the US to manufacture even the most basic goods. It is important for some people to have the candidates debate same sex marriages, and late term abortions, for there must be millions of these considering the time spent on discussing them.

But we see only a protectionist kneejerk when we find our balance of trade with China is negative. We demand sanctions. That won't happen because they supply all our consumer goods, and sanctions would only be passed on to US consumers.

At home a person wanting to start a business is faced with a barrage of rules, regulations, taxes and barriers to success. I won't start with the confusing licenses needed from the bureaucrats, Federal, State and local.The first hurdle is then finding the best workers for building the business.

Don't dare ask if they are married, their age, health, education or any question that might end your business overnight as the greedy lawyers come calling with million dollar lawsuits. Just take a crap shoot on how reliable they will be and don't dare ask their former employer for a reference.

The business may want to ensure everyone can communicate, but dare ask that everyone speak fluent English and the Federal Storm Troopers will be round hauling you off to court.

The majority of people in the US are living way above their means, and are trying to maintain a false standard using credit cards, and unreasonable earning expectations. The pink bubble of the 1950's is bursting. John Kerry wants to pump up the minimum wage to $7.50 an hour for everyone from a college dropout to a casual help sweeping the shop floor.

At the same time half a million lawyers are screwing the US worker for Billions.

The healthcare system is collapsing as Doctors, and Nurses leave many areas without medical coverage, as liability insurance is crippling their ability to treat patients.

I have long advocated that we do not need a Draft for the military but can have the worlds largest standing army by enlisting 200,000 surplus lawyers into the military and sending them overseas to war zones. Add another 200,000 Human Resource Experts and you have a force that can replace the UN, and be sent to Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and into Korea. They can stare into the whites of the eyes of the enemy, and file lawsuits for harassment with the lawyers cowering in the same Foxhole.

Free from these debilitating parasites the US will be able to manufacture all those goods now being outsourced to China. Employers will be able to determine if a candidate for a job will fit in with the stress, hours, ability and temperament of the team.

History has shown again and again what happens to mighty empires, military and economic after they go soft.