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by Alan Simpson

ComLinks Intelligence Magazine

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The New Slave Society

Washington, Oct. 11th, 2004 --- For thousands of years mighty Empires have benefited by using fellow humans as slaves, controlling their lives and working them to death.

There is a flawed misconception that slaves were only Blacks imported from Africa to serve their White American masters. Not so, the Empires of old employed slave laborers to build the mighty monuments to their glory. From the pyramids of Egypt, the Roman roads, to the technology of Germany to feed it's military machine conquer Europe.

The world believed that the end of slavery was the ability of Adolf Hitler to enslave the European Jews by identifying them and transporting them to the death and work camps.

Technology has now come to the aid of right wing governments who want to enslave populations, or sectors of populations.

The ability to find and track the targeted slave population is imperative for their masters. In the case of Hitler it was the Star of David prominently displayed to tell the Germans they were Jews.

For Black Slaves in America it was their color. Even after they were freed the government made discrimination easy and passed a whole series of laws to ensure the blacks could be kept together, in their own sections, and made to realize that they were not to be allowed the same Constitutional protections as the whites.

For in one document they were equal under the law, yet in many other bigoted laws and rules they were still seen as freed slaves. The population of the US could see no problems with this legislation, and in their agricultural society believed everything their politicians told them.

For the past 60 years the United States has bragged to the world that they are the "Land of the Free" and a shining example of democracy.

But the pius who craved for the Good Ole Days when there was order, and respect need not have worried.

Technology would soon be created that could put targeted groups back into their rightful place, be it at the back of the bus, in prison, or denied due process when accused of a secret crime, details of which they were forbidden to hear. In fact they could be electronically shackled and dragged to the place determined by their masters.

Attorney General John Ashcroft used the terrible events of the single morning of September 11th to destroy 200 years of growth, and create a law that in earlier days would have resulted in riots by the people. For every terrorist could, and should have been caught by the legislation in force before 9/11, and the powers taken by the Patriot Act do not benefit the cause of preventing terrorism.

They do lay the foundation of a State where the population can be monitored, moved, and punished beyond the wildest dreams of Adolf Eichman, Joe Stalin and the Roman Emperors.

As George Bush loves to say, "They can run, but they can't hide."

The totally Naive, rich and corrupt Congress were caught off guard and passed a Bill that gave peacetime domestic powers that were beyond those needed to protect the population. It opened the door to the potential for massive abuse, which John Ashcroft eagerly grasped.

This week we have seen abuses of power from the FBI around the world silencing web sites that dare criticize their leader. Outside their legal jurisdiction they put out of business IndyMedia sites around the world, with no trial, no explanation and no legal process. Just the sound of FBI Jackboots snapping to attention as they leave the office of Ashcroft.

Around the world ISP's are been strong armed to track customers, with secret orders from faceless officials, under the protection of the Patriot Act.

No Court Order, just threats and massive use of the tag "Patriotic" for to be labeled as "Unpatriotic" is the ultimate slur of the Bush/Cheney Administration.

For a journalist to explore the many illegal activities of the Bush/Cheney's is to have their name added to any number of secret lists, from "No Fly" to monitoring and copying of all emails, web sites visited, even library books borrowed. The FBI, which proved itself totally incompetent in preventing, and catching terrorist, excels in the new role of ensuring citizens toe the evangelical party line.

Within the term of another Bush/Cheney Administration the computer networks will be fully operational to totally track the population and report any number of parameters Ashcroft feels inappropriate in his jaded view of the world.

Then sectors of the population such as Muslims, Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Arabs, Jews, Japanese or Chinese could quickly be targeted for their thoughts, and restricted from traveling, owning property, getting credit, or even voting. The secret technology is there, so is the secret legal framework.

There is no definition of terrorist in the Ashcroft dictionary. Iraqi's who want their country back are terrorists. Americans who demand answers to why they were arrested, imprisoned without access to a lawyer, or the courts, whose lives have been ruined forever, are seen as terrorists.

Give a donation for someone seeking relief for refugees being bombed by Israeli jets in refugee camps, and you are a terrorist sympathizer.

Bring back the Washington the world loved and respected while there is still time. In the meantime end the Patriot Act and the out of control political rape of the United States by the Evangelical Terrorists holding the nation to ransom for their cause.

Set the people free again!