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by Alan Simpson

ComLinks Intelligence Magazine

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Once Bitten, Twice Ravaged!

Washington, DC -- September 28th, 2004 -- The history of CIA/MI6 meddling in Iranian affairs should be studied by everyone calling for an invasion, and the creation of a CIA employed puppet Prime Minister as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For most of the last century the lure of Iranian Oil has led to some serious manipulation of the democratic process President Bush seems to like talking about so much.

In 1925 Reza Pahlavi was elected Shah of Iran. But in 1941 the elected Shah began to be too friendly with Adolf Hitler (Him again!) and was deposed by the British and Soviets. His son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was put into power to rule as the Allies required. (The USA at this time was cheering Adolf and hoping the disliked British Empire would be totally destroyed. That was before Pearl Harbor, another massive Intelligence Failure.)

So began one of the most cruel, despotic periods of autocratic rule. Note again, the democratically elected Shah was deposed to put an appointed puppet on the throne.

In 1953 the Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh led a successful revolt and deposed the autocratic Shah. This did not bode well with the Oil Barons who immediately had Washington stage a coup, this time by General Fazlollah Zahedi and put the autocratic Shah back in charge. The Oil companies showed the voting public who was really in charge of their country!

Protected by the CIA and American military power the Shah continued murdering, torturing and buying as much American military hardware as salesmen could provide.

The people of Iran were totally fed up with the corruption, blatant flouting of pornography and western decadence, to pamper to the US and UK Oil companies. They finally kicked out the Shah on January 16th, 1979.

The pendulum swung the other way and Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini brought back the Islamic Theocracy more suited for the Middle Ages than today. They kidnapped the US Embassy staff, humiliated the USA, and released them after President Reagan paid them off with huge arms shipments.The White House Spin Doctors portrayed the events slightly differently, as Reagan didn't like the script, and wanted his role more as a tough liberator.

The darling of the US, President Saddam Hussein then gladly accepted help from the likes of Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney to make life difficult for the Ayatollah.

Pumped high with US military hardware, and US supplied intelligence Saddam Hussein launched a war against Iran, which Washington believed would be a "Slam Dunk" considering the Iranian military was in shambles.

Yes, the high tech hardware was nowhere as efficient as when US contractors maintained it, and US trained personnel operated it, but that didn't seem to worry the Iranians. They faced technology with waves of fearless, religion crazed young men prepared to die for the opportunity to serve their God, and be with him forever. Like the Chinese in Korea the human wave attacks were frightening and very effective.

The "Slam Dunk" turned into a very nasty war. Sound familiar? Again the intelligence was manipulated to provide the political scenario that advances the goals of Big Oil, regardless of how many thousands are slaughtered in the process.

Despite all the predictions the Oil did not stop flowing when the Ayatollah came to power. The difference is that he used the revenue to get running water to villages, sewerage plants to towns, instead of buying layers of advanced military hardware.

But the Oil Barons retired bruised, to plan their next move. Now with one of their own in the Oval Office the plan is to take back the Iranian Oilfields, as they think they have with the Iraqi Oilfields.

There are many flaws in their plan.The first is that the US is slowly losing control over the war in Iraq, and despite earlier bloody conflicts, the Iranians and Iraqis will unite to fight and throw out the Infidel. The Iranians can block the US supply routes to service the war in Iraq very easily. They can totally disrupt all the oil supplies from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and of course Iran. They can plunge the world into an Economic Depression.

An invasion of Iran, even an attack on Iran by Israel could create so much havoc in the region that it spells the end of Saudi Arabia, the eventual defeat of the US in Iraq, and the collapse of the US economy. Of course, like the predictions of hurricane paths this is a expanding scenario and as recent hurricanes have shown, with all the technology and resources we can only guess what will happen when these huge forces are let loose.

The Oil Barons would like us to believe that an Iranian Nuclear Reactor, which incidentally is under Russian control, would start producing bombs. We do not know that for a fact.It could just start making life better for the Iranians so they turn away from their Medieval Theocracy and start buying more US goods for an easier life.

Maybe we should learn from earlier expensive failures and not try and attempt the same course of action again, expecting results that didn't materialize in earlier attempts.