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by Alan Simpson

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Prelude to World War III

Washington, DC -- Sept. 27th, 2004 --This week, pandering to the irrational insecurity of Israel, the United States began the countdown to World War III.

The fact that nobody wants to invade Israel did not concern the Pentagon Zionist Hawks as they gave Israel 500 2000lb "Bunker Buster" Bombs, as well as 2,500 1 ton, 1000 half ton, and 500 quarter ton bombs, according to media reports.

The present of the 500 Bunker Buster Bombs appears to be a direct threat to Iran, and their nuclear program. Israel has made it perfectly clear that it wants to repeat its earlier unopposed attack on a nuclear reactor. Israel destroyed the one being developed in Osirah, Iraq by Saddam Hussein. That was on June 7th, 1981.

The reactor was nowhere near completion, and the Uranium rods were not in place.

Today the object of Israeli paranoia today is Iran's Bushehr nuclear project at Halileh on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

They fear that Iran will begin building a crude nuclear weapon to counter the 200 or so secretly hidden in Israel, and kept away from the prying eyes of the International Atomic Energy Inspectors.

Israel reserves the right to threaten it's neighbors with nuclear annihilation, and expects the world to sit by and, under the military umbrella of the United States, allow it to attack anyone, anywhere who tries and create their own nuclear deterrent.

Now Iraq had only obsolete Scud missiles to aim in the general direction of Israel, and hope they landed near some target or other. Iran on the other hand has Shahab-3 missiles with a range of 810 miles.

Thanks to President Clinton's love affair with the Chinese the chances are that the Iranians have got their hands on advanced GPS guidance technology, and can carry out their threat to strike at the Israeli Dimona Nuclear Facility.

They would probably lob a few missiles at US Command and Control Centers in Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, and the other Arab countries a few minutes flying from Iran.

They could of course just sit back and take it on the chin like Saddam.

Or they could send swarms of heavily armed suicide killers across the borders to attack US troops in Iraq, join up with the Iraqi people and go all out war with the United States, the Paymaster of Israel. For those who want graphic details of what I mean look at the battles between Iran and Iraq over the last few years. Brutal!

Looking ahead to after the re-election of President Bush, the United States, with the reintroduction of the Draft has the manpower to allow a slaughter on the scale required to roll back the advancing armies of Iran, assisted by Iraq and Muslims from around the world.

Now fighting a real War, the US could invade Iran and eventually sacrifice enough young men and women to overwhelm the Iranians. The US military power is that significantly superior.

The assumption up to now is that Russia has stood by and watched it's Bushehr nuclear project pummeled to dust by the Israelis, and weathered the fallout from nuclear explosions, real or dirty, contaminate it's southern borders.

The scenario laid out now has American military attacking and occupying a country, on the borders of Russia, facing Russian troops. True the Caspian Sea is in between, but the Oilfields are within striking range should the US decide it wants to grab the worlds Oil supply.

What's an Israeli attack on a partially completed nuclear power plant got to do with the Bush New World Order and grabbing control of the World's Oil? Depends on who you believe! About the same as the desire to rid the world of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction before the NeoCons grabbed Iraqi Oilfields.

The world started to distance itself from the US when the ill advised invasion of Iraq was launched on the advice of Sharron and Chalabi. It is doubtful the world will idly stand by and allow the US to escalate by invading Iran, and precipitating a World War.

Nobody objects to supplying Israel with defensive weapons but "Bunker Busting" Bombs are aggressive weapons developed to take out underground fortified bunkers prior to invasion, or nuclear reactors following threats.

It's time for some serious debate in Washington, and throughout the capitals of the world, before it is too late, and George makes another "Miscalculation".