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by Alan Simpson

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Porter Goss & The CIA!

Washington, DC, Sept. 17th, 2004 --- With the US Intelligence System unable to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world, and the potential that the October Surprise could be the sudden appearance of Bin Laden, to prove to the easily swayed US voters that the Bush Administration is on course Porter Goss is an ideal choice to head the CIA.

If the planned Rabbit out of the Hat is Bin Laden then the faithful, secretive and historically dubious Porter Goss is the man to act surprised and carry out the charade. He is one who is no stranger to political skulduggery and sleight of hand by the CIA.

Of course if the hat is empty then his choice is still the best one. He may have legitimate reasons for wanting to rebuild and reform his old employer, especially after his stint in Congress.

There are few with the depth and breadth of knowledge of the intelligence community, good and bad. If he chooses to use this knowledge to improve the Agency, then the country, and the world will benefit.

Should he choose to use it to cover up, and stray from the straight and narrow with flights of fancy, such as The Bay of Pigs fiasco, then he will have done the country and the world a great disservice.

Judging by the way many of his negative escapades were glossed over in the confirmation hearings, Congress too seem to hope he will deliver reform, and not the old illegal escapades of the past.

With Porter Goss at the CIA the question of a Super Director of Intelligence will now be an all out turf war between the Department of Defense and the CIA.

The battle has now been kicked up a couple of notches, and the prospect of Rumsfeld and Porter Goss going head to head is a distinct possibility. The problem is that knowing the Washington Beltway Mentality the fight for turf and budget control will eclipse Al Qaeda, Iraq and everything else.

The model used for the Department of Homeland Security hardly fills observers with confidence when it comes to reforming Washington Bureaucracies. The lumbering Dinosaur that has been created to suck up tax dollars and stall everything from Green Cards to Border Security must rank amongst the biggest follies of big government ever created in this country. President Reagan must be turning in his grave!

The military are realizing that in the modern world they must be responsive, fast and operate in efficient compact units. By contrast the plans for Homeland Security and Intelligence call for huge centralized bureaucracies, inflexible, slow and totally out of touch.

Intelligence should not be a part of the White House, or the Department of Defense. In the modern world it should be neutral and create accurate briefings for the decision makers. Those same decision makers should not have the budgetory or hiring influence on that flow of information, or analysis.

The Department of Defense under Rumsfeld have proved themselves totally unreliable in their stewardship of the intelligence function. When the disagreed with the analysis, when it did not suit their political ambitions, they created their own fake intelligence agency, The Office of Special Plans to forge the figures and support their invasion.

The $64,000 question is "Would Porter Goss have objected to the falsification of intelligence for the invasion?" There are those who look to his past and say no!

But unlike John Kerry people do learn from their mistakes in the 1960's and '70's and put that behind them. Had George Tenet stood up and condemned the Zionists in the Pentagon leadership usurping his Agency's role, and misleading the nation into war then there would have been several thousand more people alive today.

I hope Porter Goss has learned from his years outside of a crooked agency, and can bring that new found vision into the future intelligence structure. Democrats fear not.

It's now up to him to show us they were wrong and he is the best man for the job, in these dangerous times.