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by Alan Simpson

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Magic Kingdoms

Washington, DC, Sept. 23rd, 2004 ---The old western movies used to like the theme that the rancher owned everything he could see, from horizon to horizon. Same with Crocodile Dundee!

The old days of Imperial Europe had grand sounding Archdukes, Grand Dukes and Princes issuing orders, and giving decorations to their subjects in their little pieces of land where they ruled supreme, that is if the mighty Imperial neighbors allowed them.

They could ride out of their marvelous castles and palaces, and ride round their domains, and be back for dinner.

They gave grand speeches, grand banquets and looked a lot like Disney World, and Disney Land.

But Wait there's more than Disney!

There is the Prime Minister of Iraq, and the President of Afghanistan who live in a theme park created by the Pentagon. In fact for the record books Disney World is bigger than their effective domains combined, and the President of Disney World can walk through Universal Studios without being assassinated, or stoned by the visitors.

But to listen to the speeches of Iyad Allawi, the appointed Prime Minister of Iraq, and Hamid Karzai the puppet President of Afghanistan you would believe that they had real power, and did not rule less territory than fits in the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

In Afghanistan the Warlords are wielding more power every day. They are bringing back massive drug trafficking, and Heroin has become the primary export.

In Iraq the murder runs riot, and is escalating. The government and it's occupying masters can't keep the oil flowing, and can't find a way to get funds from Washington's coffers, to fund redevelopment projects in Iraq, for which they were earmarked.

Prime Minister Allawi talks a big game as if he was a real President of an independent country, yet when his Justice Minister announced the two women scientists would be released from prison in Iraq, the occupying powers said No Way! and the puppet Prime Minister had to overrule his Justice Ministry and show his real colors.

Prime Minister Allawi is to Iraq as Arafat is to Palestine, a prisoner kept alive at the will of the occupying military power, and living in a guarded cage. Same with Karzai.

In reality you have two Prime Ministers with a King, or Emperor over them. It is in fact the same structure as the old British Empire.

But you can't have a Head of State of a nation that was born in conflict with an absent King, who ruled a nation from afar, giving the impression that 200 years later the United States had the role of King George, and England! For that means the rebels in Iraq and Afghanistan are more akin to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin than to murdering modern terrorists.

But the fact is that the two puppet Presidents are living on borrowed time, and dare not show their faces outside a small heavily guarded area in their capital cities.

But it's all part of the political theme park business, and the actors duly play their part in the fairy land of modern politics.

Why should we spoil the illusion for the cheering children as Tinkerbell seems to fly through the air from the castle in the Magic Kingdom. It's part of the wonderful Disney Magic.

But don't you believe the adult public can be given the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Apparently not for it is an election year!