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by Alan Simpson

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Missed Opportunity!

Washington, DC - September 22nd, 2004 ---President Bush went to New York this week for another fund raiser. Whilst there he disrupted commerce, snarled up the entire city and totally upset the lives of millions.

He also called in to the United Nations and gave a sermon to the assembled congregation.

Whilst there he gave audience to the faithful and made sure everyone knew he was the icon of power, and could not be swayed from his resolve to do things his way.

There were those poor lost souls who had hoped that he would take this opportunity to create a dialog between nations, and a real coalition of powerful nations to cool down the rising tide of conflict in the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Instead he gave his usual Israel commercial, and blamed Yasser Arafat for everything that is wrong with the world, including global warming and erectile dysfunction, the primary medical issue on US TV adverts.

It would be hilarious if it was not so serious.

I do not suggest that the United States should pander to the greedy parasites that make up the majority of nations sitting around the chamber at the UN. They blame the west for everything, but turn a blind eye to genocide and atrocities in their own back yard.

No the graph of US casualties in Iraq, if it continues to grow at the present rate, will reach 10,000 by the end of Bush's second term.

Bush, if he used the UN properly could save up to 9,500 US lives. By taking this arrogant, superior, and foolhardy approach to the situation, he is in fact telling 9500 young men and women that they are going to die, just for him.

I appreciate that he is prisoner in a gilded cage, locked in by huge corporate contributors who seek windfall profits in the lucrative war in the Middle East.

I appreciate too that he is a prisoner to Zionist special interests who do not want stability in the Arab world, before they have carved out their Greater Israel.

But he has a responsibility, albeit small in the NeoCon world, to the Sons and Daughters of America being asked to sacrifice their lives in some one else's land.

The belief that the world will come running to help him out of his quagmire is a pipe dream. Why should they? They were ridiculed and belittled by the White House when they saw through the Weapons of Mass Destruction Scam. They were alienated when it was announced that they would get no part of the rebuilding contracts, no say in decision making, and had to cancel all debts owed by Iraq, so US companies, especially Haliburton would have clear title on the oilfields.

The only ally the US has in Iraq is the United Kingdom. The dozen or so clerks from other nations, and the drivers, mail carriers and painters from the rest do not constitute a viable coalition able to fight a war, or secure a country.

The United Kingdom can't continue at this level of expense for too much longer, and despite having true resolve to support it's closest ally, has finite limits on spending.

It is also a member of the European Union and by supporting the US is endangering it's own economic position in Europe and the world. The death toll of British soldiers is never mentioned to the US public, a move one would expect if it were a true Coalition.

So despite all the rhetoric the US may face the scenario of really being alone in the Quagmire of Iraq. The Bush propaganda machine may label Kerry as Flip-Flopping, first this way, then that, but there are times when situations favor a slight course correction to avoid going over a precipice.

The time in the UN would have been better served in creating an Arab Conference, or an Arab/Muslim Conference on the future of the liberated Iraq instead of a pig headed dogma speech about not retreating.

The realities of Iraq will hit the voting public after the election, especially if Bush wins. But this is touted as a nation built upon Capitalist Marketing Principles and one thing you can say is that the Bush slate is brilliant at marketing an image. If the gullible voting public buys into that image then they have nobody to blame but themselves.

Unfortunately it has to be said that the Kerry image is not much better, but hopefully if he is elected he will tone down the rhetoric and get some form of dialog between the factions preparing for Civil War in Iraq.

I hope so for the young people who will be sent over to Iraq to sort out the mess of the politicians. "A miscalculation" doesn't look good on lines of headstones in graveyards around the US and UK.

President Bush, you are paying the tabs of those UN Diplomats living it up in New York. Stop preaching and get them working for you!