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by Alan Simpson

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The United Nations

New York, Sept. 21st, 2004 -- There is an overwhelming cacophony from the Rabid Right in the United States that the United Nations is a total waste of time, ineffective and should be abolished.

Hitler had the same ideas about world organizations when they didn't fall into line with his plans of global domination. Napoleon would have too, if they existed when he thought he was Omnipotent.

But if you look carefully you see that the US Congress is equally ineffective in carrying out it's Constitutional duties especially the oversight of events leading to the mess we find ourselves in concerning Iraq.

Same as the Parliament in London. They bought the bill of goods without reading the small print.

Should we then seek to abolish the US Congress and the UK Parliament and make George Bush the Emperor of the New World Order?

On second thoughts don't answer that!

The United Nations has become a tool of ultra-conservative diplomacy, to be used when it suits, and to be ridiculed when the world opinion is against the US. Consider how often UN Resolutions were quoted in the run up to war. Every few hours the Administration was blasting Saddam Hussein for not complying with one UN Resolution or another.

Every UN Resolution that fits into the ultra conservative agenda is written in stone, and requires absolute compliance. Every UN Resolution that involves criticism of Israel though is non-binding, anti-semetic and irrelevant.

The US preaches the Rule of Law but exempts the US and Israel from any involvement in any international trial, because it contends any prosecution would be politically based, and invalid.

The Iranians are threatened with invasion because the US Hawks believe they are fudging their nuclear numbers, and intentions. Yet Israel absolutely refuses inspection of it's nuclear arsenal, and that position is supported with Veto power, by the United States.

If Israel and Pakistan can have nuclear weapons, so can Iran!

The answer is an even handed global ban on proliferation of nuclear weapons, regardless of religious bigotry.

The question of genocide in Africa is put forward by the left wing as an example of why the United Nations is not getting involved in peace keeping as much as it should. What about the African nations who kicked the western nations out to become independent self ruling nations? Why do not they carry out their responsibilities and police their neighbors, without expecting the old Colonial powers to come back in and clean up their mess.

Wouldn't it be better for humanity for the US/UK alliance just to take over the entire festering continent and restore colonial rule again?

The good old days of "The Empire on Which the Sun Never Sets" didn't have the problems of Aids, Genocide and famine like there is today.

The liberals are by now foaming at the mouth and shouting Racist at the tops of their voices.

But the fact is that the entire world has come off it's tracks and is heading for a deep dark canyon and an unknown fate.

The world is becoming more polarized every day, and instead of traditional diplomacy being used to calm the waters of conflict, we see rhetoric and more entrenched positions every day. The current Middle East situation reminds one of the trench warfare of the First World War. Dogmatic Generals who sacrificed a generation for their stubborn refusal to see fault in their policies.

John Kerry tells the world that he would not have invaded Iraq, and would have done things differently. Who gives a @$% the invasion happened and we are an invading and occupying nation embroiled in a War of Independence and Civil War at the same time. Unlike the similar wars in the US against the British, the US is the foreign occupying power who statistically will lose the conflict.

No matter who wins the election the window of opportunity will close, and the world will become even more dangerous for us all.

The United Nations has become a totally ineffective body. That deterioration has been masterminded in part by the US and it's absolute denial that Israel makes mistakes, and should be judged out of line on occasions. Nobody is going to attack Israel, and if Israel stopped its land grab and treated the Palestinians in a manner better than the Nazis treated the Jews, most of the conflict would evaporate.

The time has come to step back, take a hard look at the world scenarios, and renovate the United Nations, even if it means an occasional rebuke to Israel. The United States should have the balls to embrace the international courts, war crimes tribunals, and have faith in it's conduct of military operations around the world.

There is a point of no return on the road to Fascism and becoming the "Evil Empire" to be destroyed at all costs. Let's not try and find that point for a nation that has been the salvation of millions of immigrants fleeing despotic regimes around the world.

Sadly with one candidate fighting God's War and another still fighting a war that ended 30 years ago I can't see an obvious answer here in Washington.

Then the only thing left is to hope the UN can come up with a solution to the slide down the dark, deep canyon to World War with Nuclear Weapons.