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by Alan Simpson

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Capitalists War Gone Bad

The more you examine the reasons for attacking Iraq, in a war that was both stupid, and illegal the more you realize that it was a Get Rich Quick Scheme gone wrong.

Looking back on the rationale put forward in papers, speeches and statements over the last 10 years one comes to realize that Bush II thought he could repeat Bush I's rip off of all the allies who participated in the Gulf War. He would get the glory, and they would pay the bills.

The greedy Vice President went a step further for not only did he see the padded bills being paid by the Japanese, Saudis, Europeans and everyone else, but the Lions share could be fixed for his company, Haliburton.

The huge boost in the bottom line would make for huge profits for years to come. It would be a land grab of Goliath proportions. Huge profits for the military-industrial complex to bomb the crap out of the infrastructure, huge profits for Haliburton to feed, house and move the military, huge profits for selected, repeat selected, US corporations to rebuild the country, and huge long term profits to manage, and distribute the oil grabbed in the invasion.

Why the dumb camel herders would be so happy to be servants of the Capitalists that they would line the streets shouting greetings, and waving the stars and stripes, provided under another lucrative wartime contract.

The profits would be even more enhanced by subcontracting production of many non-military items to China and India, thereby buying their silence with promises of a cut of the action.

The plan was brilliant, and drawing from the expertise of the same players who ran the 1991 scam, President George W.Bush set up shop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC and launched the project.

But he lacked his daddy's command of timing in the world of diplomacy. George II thought it was a huge game where he was King. He did not understand that when you are running a scam you have to watch the Mark, or in this case the Marks. He didn't learn from the use of fake PR stunts as were used to sell the Gulf War to the US Public and the World.

The fake eye witness who saw Iraqi soldiers grabbing babies from their cots, and smashing their heads against walls. The wholesale rape, murder and pillage the fake witness saw first hand, covering and screaming in a corner. The New York PR company should have received an Emmy for her performance considering she never left her world of luxury and privilege in New York!

But the scam worked and the world chipped in billions. They thought the bills were high, in fact very high, but they agreed to pay, and the US reaped a huge profit, as well as claiming all the credit.

The Iraq Scam was even more bolder, and the US public swallowed the PR campaign that Kansas was about to be invaded, or obliterated by Saddam Hussein at any moment. The world of course working under the "Once bitten, twice shy" doctrine of diplomacy was not so sure, and demanded more proof, and in some cases called into question the validity of the whole notion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction pointed at the USA.

And this is where Bush Junior blinked, and failed as a world statesman, in the mould of Daddy Bush. Instead of waiting to play his hand, he got impatient and rushed in, before he had the sale closed, and the open checks collected.

Now he launches an imperial invasion just as his advisers had told him might happen, and put him into the history books as a great warrior. But they didn't tell him all the facts about the Get-Rich-Scam, in that it only worked if "others" paid the bills. The "others" did not mean the US Congress!

Oops! Too late, but the huge windfall profits will start flowing. And they did.

Problem now is that they are coming out of the US Treasury, and subject to GAO audit. Instead of spending other peoples money, and the more he can spend, the bigger the Credit column for the US, he is drawing on savings and tax revenues, and it is all being shown in the Debit column.

But VP Dick is smarter than the average Bear because his cut of the action is shrouded in secrecy, national security, and layers of Haliburton accountancy. Very smart!

But not to worry the Bush Supporters are reaping their rewards, as the war will drag on for decades and although it will not be over in a few weeks, and paid for by the rest of the world, it will give a smaller rate of return over a longer period. That will allow the search for another war, where greater funding can be obtained. Say against an emerging nuclear power, with nasty Ayatollahs, who want to ........I got it, "build nuclear bombs and sell them to Terrorists worldwide!"

Remember what President Eisenhower said "Beware the Military Industrial Complex!"