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by Alan Simpson

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Terrorist Targets

Washington, Sept. 17th, 2004 - Looking closely at the pattern of terrorist attacks over the last 5 years it seems there has been a shift from buildings to people.

From the terrorists point of view it is easier to target an individual than plan a concerted attack on a prime target building, which by now may be heavily defended. With a person it is easy to get close and even if you do not destroy the target, the message comes over loud and clear.

The planning and co-operation by neglect from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to stage another 9/11 is no longer available. (We hope!!) The amount of explosive material needed to bring down another major building would trigger investigation of the purchaser. (We hope!!)

That leaves bombs aimed at people, and kidnapping as the preferred terror weapon of choice.

That leaves us to project who and where the targets will be for the days before the November elections in the USA.

The world knows the Bush Administration will pull an October Surprise to try and influence the November election.

The bets are on a revelation on the background on Teresa Heinz Kerry stolen from files in South Africa, or on finding Bin Laden. There are those who believe that Bin Laden is already in US custody and waiting to be used as a pawn in the political race.

The barbaric way the terrorists have kidnapped foreign workers, then beheaded them in front of the cameras has brought a new dimension to the conflict in Iraq. This is going back to the days of terror and kidnapping that made the late 1970's and early 1980's so brutal.

But what makes it worse is that these innocent people being kidnapped are not CIA Station Chiefs, Marines of Diplomats, they are aid workers who have gone to Iraq to help the people, and rebuild the country. The kidnappers of course do not want to see Iraq reconstructed in the image of a western capitalist democracy, preferring a medieval theocracy.

Looking at these kidnappings the loss of benefits to Iraq does not matter, neither is there any conscience in killing young children and women.

I have a gut reaction that the terrorists do not want John Kerry to win and will do anything to send a message to George Bush, and a message close to home. The Kerry campaign hasn't given any idea of where they will go with Iraq. The world knows what he would have done eighteen months ago, and what he did thirty years ago, but will he be a battle hardened hawk if elected to the Presidency, or will he be a flip-flopping pussy cat? The terrorists know George Bush has only one tune in his repertoire and they can plan accordingly. They have read all the position papers, and ideological statements put out by the NeoCons.

The movements of key administration figures, and their wives are well known, and available to anyone. The times, routes and platforms too. The pattern of terror kidnapping and killings lead many to believe that the October Surprise from the terrorists could be aimed at someone close to the presidency, and not against a high profile building.

No direct evidence just a gut feeling!