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by Alan Simpson

ComLinks Intel Magazine

Intel Briefing

Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?

The aftermath of the terrible destruction of young life in the bomb blast at the Russian School may herald a new and dangerous phase in international politics.

There will be grief and sorrow, with public demands for retaliation and military strikes against havens for the terrorists, their supporters, and their training camps.

And that is where the world just got a much more dangerous place.

No matter how unpalatable, the fact is that the United States has been the haven, banker, supplier and training base for many of the worlds terrorists. Bin Laden is a good example. The CIA have made supplying weapons and materials to terrorist groups a career choice. During the Cold War there wasn't a Islamic group they would not equip, if it meant hurting the old Soviet Empire.

President Reagan diverted funds from supplying one terrorist regime, to equipping a band of terrorists aiming to topple an elected government, and created many terrorist training camps for friendly groups aimed at Central and South America.

When the US was the Judge, Jury and Executioner it did not matter. They were the "Imperial Power on whom the Sun Never Sets." along the lines of Britain a century earlier.

Unfortunately Bush and his band of Fundamental Christian Advisors did not study real History, just religious history in the form of folklore written down centuries after the events. Real History would have taught them that Superpowers come and go. They have a finite window of opportunity in which to put the stamp of history on their period of rule. Was it a period of culture, learning, civilization or colonialization. What is worse is that the time scale is shrinking dramatically. For where once it would be centuries before the power was challenged, today it is a few years.

Today the US can bomb villages and houses anywhere it pleases, claiming the attack was aimed at terrorists. Same with Israel.

Now we could have another large military power claiming the same right. Russia is a fragment of the old Soviet Union when it comes to military might, but it can still wipe out all the cities in the USA with it's arsenal.

So if Russia finds a training camp in Saudi Arabia, or a school preaching revolution and death in Pakistan, do they have less right than the US to loose off a few missiles to settle their grievance?

Now if Bush was smart and worldly wise, which he is not, he would have cloaked the invasion of Iraq in the UN colors, as Powell had advised, and not kicked in the front door and blown up everything useful in sight, as Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz had advised.

But he took the sucker bait and listened to Sharon and Chalabi, Wolfowitz and the Office of Special Plans and rewrote the rules of war.

Now he did not Trademark this new approach, neither get a Patent on the technology to wreak death and destruction, or as Rumsfeld would say "Shock and Awe!"

Of course we do not know how Kerry would have reacted, for the NeoCons came into power at the request of the Bush Administration. Kerry would not have been given the same misleading advice!)

The fact is that the US has established the right of a country, to attack another country with missiles, after a terrorist attack with a handful of insurgents.

These insurgents wore no uniform, were in fact a private army and did not attack for the traditional reasons.

The question now is, should China, Russia, India and many others adopt this new legitimized means of killing their political or ideological undesirables?

Should the British bomb IRA fund raising meetings in Boston?

Should the Chinese bomb meetings of Taiwanese politicians seeking a declaration of independence?

Should South and Central American countries combine and bomb US Army schools in Alabama and Georgia?

And Should any country seeing the CIA are involved in plots to remove elected governments be allowed to wipe out Langley and McLean?

Readers in Russia may say Yes! They have the same right as the US to track down and destroy the terrorist killers of their children, regardless of where they live, or were trained.

But some have sought asylum in the US.

Others have fled to Georgia and the other old Soviet states. Does this now give Russia the green light to begin invading these countries, for harboring terrorists, and start rebuilding the old Soviet Union?

The along the same argument should not Iran be allowed to send their military into Iraq to seek out and bring to justice those who invaded Iran, and used Weapons of Mass Destruction, as laid out by President George Bush.

In fact could not it be argued that the armed militia killing Iraqi civilians, reported to be of Iranian origin, are just Iranian FBI seeking criminals and terrorists in hiding, and bringing them to justice?

That is why there was a Code of Conduct for War and why the United Nations was created. For one mans Terrorist is another's Freedom Fighter. One mans Insurgent is another's Resistance Fighter.

But today it seems that because there is a fleeting window of having only one Super Power we have forgotten the centuries of rules of diplomacy, and the conduct of wars. The current Commander in Chief will strut around gloating at his victories fully knowing that he will be living in luxury, protected and secure four years from now when the 10,000th brave soldier gives up his life for a Tyrant who was erroneously reported to have had Weapons of Mass Destruction ready to strike at the USA.

Let us hope that his town did not have residents who acted against another country, for as he sweated out his deployment in the sweltering desert heat, some other countries' President and Commander in Chief could be launching missile strikes against targets they consider hostile to their political interests. They have come to believe in the Rumsfeld Doctrine.

It's no use complaining to the United Nations for the US had belittled them so many times that they have no voice.

For now the Ayatollah, the democratically elected President of the Islamic Republic of Iraq has decreed that the Christian Terrorists must be swept from the land, and the Invading Infidels are under siege.

It wasn't meant to be this way!

The problem with democratic elections with 1 vote per person means the majority rule. The majority in Iraq want a Islamic Theocracy.

Then the Freedom Fighters who liberated them from the Tyrant Saddam Hussein become the Terrorists and Insurgents occupying their sacred land.

Makes me sick, but that's what will happen.