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by Alan Simpson

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Maximum Devastation

Today, September 2nd, 2004 marks what could be the beginning of a new phase in the terror campaigns of extremists around the world.

The deliberate targeting of children by mass suicide bombers goes down in history as the end of the age of innocence, and the begining of the age of maximum devastation. The handling of the negotiations by President Putin will either make it an isolated incident, or have it become the new scenario as terror weapon of choice.

It must also be said that in the failed education system of the United States it won't be long before some copycat moron, wanting to be in the history books will try it. The liberal psychologists will make excuses that he was mentally abused by his peers, and his bed wetting led to him wanting to go out in a blaze of publicity.

But the line has been crossed and history can't be rewritten.

Terrorism is a technique used by desperate people to punish a stronger, morally or military adversary, and when countries feel they are in a hopeless position, losing a war. There can't possibly be a "War on Terror", that is just political propaganda to feed to the masses.

There can no more be "War on Terror" as there can be no war on "Pulling the trigger of a 9mm pistol" They are tactics to achieve a goal.

The same countries that now proclaim they are fighting the war on terror perfected the most horrific terror tactics, to advance earlier wars.

The fire bombing of Dresden and Tokyo in WWII, the use of Napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam, and the massive seeding of civilian areas with plastic, undetectable anti-personnel mines are classic examples. War is not pretty.

Then of course the ultimate terror weapons were the Atomic Bombs dropped on Japan. They were terror weapons, but saved millions of lives in a prolonged war, and invasion of Japan.

But the leaders of the US and UK showed genuine sorrow at the need to inflict such large numbers of civilian casualties in WWII. A little less in Vietnam. Unfortunately the enthusiasm of the NeoCon Fundamentalists in the Bush Administration went a little far with their gloating over "Shock and Awe" when bombing a sovereign state.

Nobody taught them to use the face of diplomacy when carving out a Greater Israel for their Zionist advisors in the Pentagon. A true statesman would have been visibly upset at the suffering of the general population in Iraq, and would have had ship loads of visible aid ready to alleviate the years of suffering under US imposed sanctions.

The military went to extreme measures to minimize civilian casualties in their ground fighting, but the images of indiscriminate bombing and gloating politicians talking about"Shock and Awe" started an escalation now playing in Russia.

The Russians did the same thing, except their forces were far from disciplined and considerate of the civilian population. What is sad is that the occupying forces in Iraq, who tried to protect the civilian population, will become the same targets as the undisciplined forces of Russia.

The Islamic extremists around the world will see the effect of attacking a defenceless school, and realize the vulnerability of these targets.

It's one small step from a bus shelter in Israel, to a kindergarden school. It's only a small step to the same target in suburban America. No security fence, no ring of steel, no Homeland Security to hinder the attack.

No smirking by President Bush giving the cheering crowd hollow words on the "War on Terror", no ra-ra speeches by violent movie stars, threatening "Girly-Men" in a virtual reality, celluloid world will protect us against this new escalation.

The only de fence is a two pronged attack, one to infiltrate and create accurate intelligence to ward off future attacks, and the second is to correct the underlying causes for this global rise of terrorism.

Young men do not naturally wake up one day and decide to blow their body to pieces, and take a crowd of innocent people with them. They do not conveniently have a video camera, and operator nearby to video their last hours, adorned with assault rifles, and RPG's. Something is very wrong with the world they perceive as their future.

If the scope of this was just Hamas, then the world could join forces and stop the terror. But it is far greater, and amounts to the opening shots of a global religious war.

This is not the time for well-protected politicians to demand that the terrorists "Bring it On". This is the time to get the Gas Bags of the United Nations to get off their butts and bring all factions together to solve the escalating violence.

It's time for President Bush to clear the Pentagon of Zionist Extremists using US power to further their own dreams of a Greater Israel. It's time for the UN to stop the Russia/Chechnya disaster from spreading to more moderate Islamic groups. It's time to "Cool It" and stop the disintegration of the religious tolerance we have begun to take for granted.

You may not like these concepts, even consider them soft on terrorism, but now is possibly the last chance the world has to take the Wind out of the Sails of desperate extremists escalating their agendas by using weapons of mass suffering in the civilian population.

If the world's only Super Power can't broker this initiative what use is it!

The last thing America should want, is to hand the opportunity to the Chinese.