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by Alan Simpson

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Get The Wolf!

Borrowing from Get Smart the current spy scandal rocking the Pentagon has more to it than meets the eye.

For several weeks there has been "Inside the Beltway" rumors that the power brokers of the Republican Party are after Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith for their "misleading" analysis of the need to attack Iraq.

The sad opinion by many in the military is that the bomb in Iraq aimed at Wolfowitz should have been better placed.

The desire to protect the hot headed Secretary of Defense, whose arrogant prosecution of the need to invade and conquer Iraq means that scapegoats have to be found. Above all it must be shown that the advice given to Bush was flawed, and that the Bush team were misled. The targets of Wolfowitz, Perle, Lutti and Feith have been circulating Washington for several months. Perle was easy to remove, and that was done under the guise of him resigning for "Conflicts of interests"

The problem is that Wolfowitz has powerful friends in the pro-Israeli lobby, and has a dedicated following of like minded Jews. He believed he was fireproof, as did his supporters.

The final nail in the coffin seems to be the links with Chalabi, and the statement that the US was reading Irans codes. Other rumors concern Israeli front companies being given huge contracts, and participating in the beating and interrogation of Iraqi prisoners.

It should be noted that the Washington rumor mill is a tool of government, and is played by Republican and Democrat alike. It is used to lay the foundations of unpleasant purges that are in the pipeline, especially when the target has powerful friends, and supporters.

In the case of the current Pentagon spy scandal it is a made for television way of neatly getting rid of several skeletons in the cupboard prior to the November elections. It shows the administration puts the intertests of the United States above all others, and will not tolerate espionage from even it's closest friends.

The average Joe Public swallows that, and doesn't do a Google search on the number of Israeli spies quietly booted out of the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand recently.

The Israeli lobbyists mount a carefully choregraphed press conference before the Republican Convention, declaring their undying respect to America, and telling a massive prime time audience how they are again the victims of anti-Semitic propaganda. You have to admire them!

In the meantime the television crews film the usual footage of Larry Franklin driving his car quickly away, indicating he has something to hide, and wants to escape reporters. It's the standard footage and you can see the same for Pollard, Hansen, and Walker.

The "year long investigation" statement from the FBI means they have been looking for an opportunity to pull it all together and get the ring leaders of the disinformation conspiracy for invading Iraq and that includes getting Chalabi and others in the net.

Larry Franklin will probably be found to have been negligent in his circulation of classified information, and in view of his long service will be reprimanded and given early retirement. The internal investigation will show lax management, and poor oversight of intelligence information by "The Office of Special Plans" and "Policy Counterterrorism Evaluation Group (PCTEG)"

These were in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Douglas J Feith.

In one fell swoop the hard reminders of failure will be removed from the scene, and the party faithful will slap each other on the back waiting for the "October Surprise" to propel Bush to a second term.

And what of the charges of Israeli spying?

The 120 "Art Students" were let quietly slip away, as were the "phantom movers". The last round of Israelis photographing key bridges were allowed to fade away quietly. This latest highly public incident will act as a shot across of the bows of Israel, becoming more and more brazen and extremist. There is a finite line where absolute religious support for Israel becomes counter productive for the US President.

The tides of Washington politics may have an even wider agenda, but this one has been doing the rounds for several weeks now, and like a Hurricane the predicted path is well plotted, and like a Hurricane it can make landfall in a number of places. These potential landfalls better start making preparations and ensure there are no loose material lying around that can cause damage.

And to continue the Hurricane analogy which fits Washington pollitics, remember you can be on the top of the world one minute, basking in the glare of glorious sunshire, and the next minute years of planning, and building can be swept away and destroyed in an instant. For the nearer you are to the eye of the storm, the more dangerous are the forces.

The aftermath of hurricanes are good for Presidential, and Governatorial candidates, allowing an opportunity to state resolve, and loyalty to the people, as well as providing an excuse for photo ops showing a man in control.

On the intelligence front the "Office of Special Plans" group of conspirators thought they were smart in developing their own intelligence assessments on Iraq. They thought they were running circles around the CIA, DIA and NSA in influencing the President to believe them, and not the analysts who believed there was no threat, and no weapons of mass destruction.

They showed the intelligence professionals to be out of touch with the facts, and persuaded everyone to invade a soverign country, or risk nuclear anhiilation from the nuclear tipped missiles pointed at US cities.

Well now it's time for payback!

Oh I forgot the abortive Honey Trap on the Governer of New Jersey. Tell me again at which exit his lover is living. Oh he fled to Israel, and the protection of no extradition.

Enough already, stop this insanity!