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by Alan Simpson

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Not War, It's Occupation!

In the streets of New York this weekend tens of thousands demonstrated to end the war in Iraq.

NEWSFLASH: The war ended over a year ago, this is the occupation of Iraq.

The war was fought by the military with well tested, well thought through tactics and strategies, and was executed brilliantly. They airlifted a huge amount of men and material half way round the world, and defeated the enemy.

The politicians shouted "Go!"

Now when the Generals reported back to their civilian Commander in Chief they would normally expect a "Thank You" and a well thought through plan with clearly established tactics and strategies would continue to secure the land, and it's population, won with the blood of the brave military.

Instead they got a photo op on the deck of an aircraft carrier steaming around in circles and keeping returning sailors and Marines from their families.

That is what the crowds should be demonstrating against in New York. Don't pick on the military and the war. That was a success, and the military deserve credit.

What they should be demanding is the resignation and trials of Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz!

They sent the troops to fight a war, with no idea of what to do after they won, and the world knew they would win. Even if the Iraqi military was as strong as the "Office of Special Plans", the Arlington branch of Israeli Intelligence, persuaded the White House, the military would still have won.

Perhaps these jokers hoped the war would drag on for several months, so they could work out a plan of what to do with the country, and population after the eventual victory.

We know the Bush and Cheney Oil Company had detailed plans on how to protect, manage and ship the oil supply out of Iraq. The number of secret contracts to execute that plan were issued within hours of the victory.

Now anyone with logistics and management experience knows how long it takes to make those plans, and even type out the contracts. But whilst the mobs were looting hospitals, police stations, and arming themselves to the teeth with looted weapons, the Bush Administration was effective at reopening the pipelines, restarting the Oilfields and getting oil flowing again to who knows where. In fact there were more troops allocated to defending the Iraqi Oil Ministry Offices than to all the Hospitals, shops and Armories. Hence we now have well armed militia with looted weapons, trucks and stolen office and hospital furniture in their homes.

President Bandar Bush though has sufficient Oil flowing to US refineries to keep the price down until after the election.

How I wish that Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld and the other hawks had spent their years of retirement planning both an invasion, and occupation. All the thought power of the NeoCon Think Tanks could surely have done both.

It must be pointed out that there is no precedent for the invasion and occupation of Iraq to refer to for guidance. For the past two centuries the United States has never attacked a sovereign country half a world away. One who couldn't do one dastardly deed to the people of the United States, and one who was supplied with his weapons by the same people who launched the invasion, to stop him using those same weapons. Huh!!

But wait a minute, isn't there a Congress of the United States? Doesn't the Constitution say that Congress is the only authority able to declare a war, and send thousands off to face death.

Where were the Congress, and why didn't they think first about the aftermath before declaring war on Iraq. Because in the hour of need they all wet their pants, rolled over and gave away their authority, in case the NeoCons called them unpatriotic!

This brings up an interesting question. Should the crowds be blaming Congress, and not the Administration. The Legislative Branch gave up their constitutional duty, and just kept on accepting bribes from lobbyists. It was business as usual.

The burning passion of the Bush 1 cronies to invade Iraq and grab the oil was well known. Didn't anyone in Congress get worried when Bush 2 didn't have one appointee of his own, merely recycled the Bush 1 appointees on the orders of Dick Cheney.

Didn't anyone on the Congressional Intelligence Committees notice that their secret closed door briefing sessions suddenly turned from no weapons, to a positive global threat once Wolfowitz came into the picture.

But considering the likes of John Kerry didn't even bother turning up for the briefings and committee sessions it is hardly surprising that Congress was in the dark. It was of course a very patriotic dark!

So to simply hold up a placard and demand that Bush stops the war in Iraq is a totally meaningless gesture. The war has already stopped. We now have the occupation. Our Imperial Viceroy Paul Bremmer when appointed signaled the end of the war. (We won't take into consideration the photo op banner.)

But neither John Kerry, nor George Bush has much space to do anything. If either says they will pull out the troops they are lying. The soldiers who bravely fought the battles and won the war will stay their, as targets for the militias and resistance fighters till they come home. If the politicians pull them out too soon then the country is lost to a fundamental Islamic Theocracy that will then merge with Iran and topple Saudi Arabia.

Then the price of oil in the USA will really shoot up.

If they stay there too long the public will see a painful rising death toll, with terrible psychological and moral issues in the serving military. For whilst the US forces will be depleting their reserves, the Iraqi militia will be improving theirs. The Islamic extremist youth of Palestine, Syria, Iran, Jordan and Iraq will come together to kick out the occupying Infidel armies.

It's a hell of a mess, with no easy answer.

But there are two things that are not helping find an answer. Constant committee hearings on past intelligence failures, and placards that say "Stop the War".