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by Alan Simpson

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Saudi Threats to US Journalist

There is a storm brewing in Washington over the threatening letter from NabarroNathanson, a London legal firm sent to an investigative journalist in an attempt to silence him.

This repulsive threat can even be seen on Cryptome at Now I don't always agree with Wayne Madsen, who received the threats but, the scenario of a Saudi businessmen, using British Courts to silence an American investigative journalist, and threatening and demanding nearly $200,000 payoff is just unbelievable! Then to demand signing away his Constitutional rights to boot makes me thinks this must be a hoax.

Anyway, don't these UK Solicitors know what happened in 1792. Hey fellahs, King George lost the colonies.

Newsflash: The people who live in the old colonies now have their own Constitution and it does not allow Saudi businessmen to shop around the world looking for the best deal to stop US citizens, in the USA who are investigative journalists looking at anyone who may, or may not be connected with Al Qaeda! That is what the FBI and Homeland Security demand of their citizens.

Now I have to say that this has just broken and the counter terrorism hawks are seeing a dawn raid on Nabarro Nathanson by the UK security services, kicking in doors and arresting an Al Qaeda funding operation. I must point out in the highly charged atmosphere that no one has called the London Offices yet and confirmed that Nabarro Nathanson, and a M. Hales have been so stupid as to actually have sent the letter. I sincerely hope that this is a hoax. Being somewhat trained in the English legal system I emailed NabarroNathanson and posed that question.

Regardless of whether this letter is genuine or not it adds to the growing menacing attempts to silence journalists, TV and Radio reporters.

We have just witnessed a"Middle Eastern" Spokesmen trying to get an organized litigation campaign against the producers of the Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary for criticizing Saudi Arabia. We have also heard of threatening letters being sent to other journalists investigating contributions from Saudi businessmen to suspicious charities. Even when those charities were called suspicious, and many closed down, by the law enforcement authorities.

There seems to be a mind set in some quarters that these ultra rich businessmen can shop around the world looking for corrupt Judges to frighten journalists, and that threats from one jurisdiction are valid in another.

These law firms who facilitate this gross manipulation of justice need to be exposed, fined and disbarred where appropriate. Many believe a harsher punishment is warranted.

There are several points that make me believe that this letter must be a hoax. The statement that "Mr. Al Moudi requires that you take the following action: shows absolutely no knowledge or understanding of the laws governing publication of accredited investigative material on the Internet, especially when the servers are housed in the United States. What jurisdiction does a UK Court have over that content?

If it were so easy then all the Child Pornography sites in Eastern Europe could be shut down tomorrow by any US District Court!

Extra terrestrial jurisdiction against investigative journalists has many dangers.

The investigation of Heroin Trafficking could be silenced by a Goat Herder seeking an injunction in a village court, held in a mud hut in the mountains of Afghanistan. The Colombian Cartels could stop stories on alleged Cocaine production by seeking action in a Cuban Court, and don't mention North Korea, or they will get you fined in a court in Iceland!

The statement "The Article states that our client has been investigated for funding terrorism and it is defamatory for that reason alone"

Absolute Crap!

To report that anyone is, or has been investigated for funding terrorism occurs daily, and covers thousands of people, many from Saudi Arabia. It should be noted that few from Haiti, or Chile, or Greenland have been investigated following 9/11, statistically there were more Saudis hijacking those planes than terrorists from Andorra.

Methinks the many from Saudi Arabia were rightfully investigated.

That information is published by governments, and law enforcement's and is in the public domain. In fact because he is accredited to Congress, and a Member of the National Press Club, Mr. Madsen could have asked for that information, and been given it at an official briefing, with all the protection that entails.


No Rumple of The Bailey in a foreign land can interfere with the powers and authority of the US Congress, in giving out information to reporters on who is, or has been investigated for alleged funding of Al Qaeda, and their disseminating it to the public, and certainly not any Arab businessman, no matter how rich he is!

I do hope that this is proved to be a stupid hoax and that the British Courts distance themselves from being used by foreign individuals, who may or may not be under investigation for their alleged links with terrorism for extortion with menace, and silencing those fighting, and reporting on the war against terrorism, in another sovereign country.

I would like to see a statement from 10 Downing Street, that the British Courts are above that, and I know the British press will be picking up the story in a few hours.

If Mr. Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi, or NabarroNathanson have legitimate gripes call me and I will arrange a meeting at The National Press Club, so you can face Wayne Madsen, and explain your, or your clients innocence.

And you know what, I won't demand 100,000 pounds!!