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by Alan Simpson


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Bush Creates Islamic Theocracy

The total blundering by Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bremmer, Wolfowitz et. al. in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq, and toppling of the Saddam Husein will have one long lasting result.

The eventual creation of a Islamic Theocracy, hostile to the United States, and with like ones in Iran and Arabia (formerly Saudi Arabia) controls the lions share of the worlds oil.

The totally inexcusable negligence in moving from a military invasion force, to a nation building occupation force, and then on to a stable form of government has to rank amongst histories worst, and potentially costliest blunders.

Whoever made the decision to disband the existing structure of law enforcement, and military structure, which held the three widely separate factions together needs to be punished severely.

Yes weed out the many Baathist thugs in the police and military, but to disband the lot, strip them of everything and stop their income was a really stupid plan. This isn't liberated France or Italy under Eisenhower. Times have changed.

Hopefully by the end of the week the rebels holed up in Najaf will be on their way home, and the radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr will be planning his next bid for ultimate power, after his defying the Mighty Satan in the Imam Ali Mosque for the past 3 weeks.

The US has made him a bloody hero in the eyes of the majority. The decimated, and fledgling Iraqi military and law enforcement forces were barley a match for his well armed, and dedicated band of RPG toting followers.

The constant reference to "Insurgents" is another misinformation ploy. The French "Insurgents" bravely fought the occupying Germans to liberate their country. Yes, there are some foreigners stirring up trouble, but the hundreds on the streets are local grown hotheads fooling their Clerics.

These are "Resistance Fighters", "Patriots" or "Freedom Fighters" on a mission from God, and are prepared to die for their cause. It is of absolutely no value for reporters to stand in front of that rotting bale of hay in Walker, Texas and speak of them otherwise. What we need to be doing is convincing them that life under our plan is far better than the plan from the Grand Ayatollah.

We will not succeed for we are blind to the ways of the emerging world. A world of dynamic, and drastic change.

But the consequences of the Bush Blunders will result in the creation of a Islamic Theocracy, possibly under the control of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, but with a real power struggle from the stormtroopers of al-Sadr.

When this happens the resulting civil war will precipitate a heavy toll on the entire region.

Saudi Arabia will eventually fall. It is when, not if. Then the world will see an extended bloodbath, as the clerics seek to claw back the vast wealth, deposited overseas in the name of Saudi Royals, and Saudi businessmen. The billions on deposit in the USA will be demanded by the Islamic Republic of Arabia, and desperate to protect their oil supply the then current US Administration will proudly point to the Revolutionary Wars against King George, and strip the Saudi's of their wealth.

The hands of the US will be tied by an unlikely alliance between Russia, India and China, who as newly emerging power blocks are out to protect their oil supply.

The resulting time in history will not be pretty.

What I can't understand is the Oil Boys, including the rich Saudis, going out of their way to alienate the world, and make themselves highly unpopular. I predict that before this decade is over they will be fighting to hang onto their wealth. Can't they see the writing on the wall?

But in the world of intelligence many analysts will tell them all is well, to avoid the hassle and unpleasantness of spelling out the facts of life to them. Few dare stand up to the blustering Billionaires.

I sincerely hope Iraq calms down, and Bush drops all ideas of invading Iran, and Syria. Unfortunately the indicators point to a creeping Islamic revolution that validates the Domino Theory of earlier wars.

Maybe spending so much time discussing a bloody war in Vietnam, and how Bush and Kerry performed may not be such a bad idea after all.

The difference is that allowing Vietnam thirty years to come out of isolation, after a ill conceived, and fraudulent war won't work with countries that have the world primary oil supply.