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by Alan Simpson

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Scarce Resources

This week has seen the price of oil skyrocket again, and despite promises from Saudi Arabia to help their buddy Bush win the November election, the situation doesn't look good for the future.

Today comments by analysts have reinforced my predictions of a looming conflict for scarce resources between the USA, used to getting everything it wants, and India and China.

The interview with a confounded analyst who doesn't understand why the increased prices for Oil doesn't"phase" either India or China. They are certainly "phasing" buyers in the US, and when the increases are passed on to consumers after the November election they will "phase" the public, facing a 20% increase in their heating bills. The profits of the Oil companies, and donations to Bush/Cheney will also rise, but that's another matter.

This week we saw a second indicator of what's ahead when the relief workers in Florida reported a serious shortage of cement. That was reported as a possible price gouging, Florida being Scam Central. It wasn't for China is buying up cement as though it is going out of season.

The third indicator was the owner of an engineering works was complaining that they have difficulty in obtaining supplies of Steel and when the can get any the price is sky high.

Seems that China is buying up steel from wherever it can to meet their booming demand.

There are many more indicators that point to a future conflict between the huge populations of China and India, and the population of the United States, used to the Lions share of the worlds resources, to squander as it pleases.

I was in a remote part of Maryland last week and was amazed that there were lot's of stars in the sky. The result of not been blinded by lights everywhere. Looking around this week I began to notice again how we take cheap energy for granted. Every office block was lit up like a Christmas Tree, and even into the wee small hours of the morning every street light, even on suburban and country roads was blazing to help the rodents cross the road. True crime is so bad in Washington DC that street lights could be regarded as security lights, to stop widespread gang murders, muggings and looting.

Writing this piece I see our neighbors cutting their lawns for the second time this week, trimming the neat edges, and spending over an hour blowing the cut grass first one way, then another. The riding mower, power trimmer, and power blower adding to our dependence on foreign oil.

They go one step further for two huge SUV's are needed to make a statement that they aren't afraid of crossing the mountains, or mounting an expedition to the corners of the Earth. They need the Ford Expeditions to go down to the Health Club and work out, at different times of course

Problem is our neighbor is worried sick about the rising prices of fuel, they are so overextended that any further increase will have serious impact on their solvency.

Instead of spending hours on discussing the time and place Kerry was during Vietnam, or whether Bush was Drunk as a Skunk and missed his training in the National Guard, thirty years ago, we should be tackling the looming storm clouds on the global economic front.

The elasticity of the US middle class is reaching what many consider the limit. They have been stretched to pay for huge profits of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, energy companies and every other Bush contributor. The Pork coming out of Congress warrants it to be designated a Pig Farm

The jobs figures are totally false, not reflecting the true state of the unemployed. The race to send jobs overseas, to outsource and maximize profits has further stretched the working and retired public.

Contrast this to a growing economy in India and China, with consumer goods flooding into the stores. The difference is that the population of China is used to sacrifice, and can revert to less, when instructed by their leaders. That becomes a devastating competitive force.

The US on the other hand has got spoilt, lazy and used to squandering resources for image and convenience. The youth in China and India are studying engineering, science, management and building a better life. The youth in the USA are watching TV, playing horror games, and generally wasting their time, waiting to inherit the wealth created by earlier generations.

We need to wake up and smell the coffee, before that too is scarce through the crop being purchased by China!