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by Alan Simpson

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Venezuela - Oops Wrong Result!

We got ourselves deep in hot water a while back when we called the abortive coup in Venezuela April 11th, 2002 real time, and criticized the NeoCons in Washington for destabilizing the region just to control the oil output for the US.

Time has again proved us correct, but still Freedom of Speech is not part of the Book of Revelations and so not considered as applying to the activities of the Washington Neocons.

This week we have seen an overwhelming vote of support for President Hugo Chavez and his policies of bringing a better quality of life to the middle and working classes in Venezuela. This has immediately been denounced as rigged, and fixed by the spokespersons for the Bush Administration. The world may find this amusing coming from a government that was appointed, and not having a majority in a Democratic vote. Unfortunately there is a state of denial in the US that Joe Public has not a democratic vote in selecting the President and Administration.

Instead of denouncing the policies of spreading the Oil wealth more evenly in Venezuela the Bush Administration, and opponent John Kerry need to look at the plight of the poor and struggling middle class here in the United States. The vote for Hugo Chavez should be a wake up call for governments across the region.

The total obsession in Washington with Fidel Castro and any leader who dares befriend him, or adopt any of his revolutionary ideas for improving the lot of the population is blinding them to seeing reality.

The smart policy of opening travel and trade to Cuba has now been reversed to pander to the powerful Batiste Cubans and Mafia Cubans living in the election battleground State of Florida.

The flow of ideas, wealth and information has been the only way to tear down the walls of Communism. It is impossible to have any effect on a totalitarian regime if it is isolated, and the population never has the chance to observe any other way of life.

The social democratic policies of the Chavez government is exactly what the Bush administration is demanding for Iraq. The world can clearly see that what is demanded is a democracy totally subservient to the US companies who want control over the natural assets of that country. The Bush NeoCons don't want a democratic Iraq, or a democratic Venezuela with control over prices of oil, or the ability to specify where the oil is sent, in what quantity and at what price.

The profits are not there to assist the masses, but to reinvest in the US Big Business. The Saudi Arabian model is considered the ideal way to further the global aspirations of US Big Business.

Times they are a changing and the NeoCons need to drive through rural America to see the looming problems awaiting future administrations. The infrastructure is crumbling, the middle classes are being overstretched, and the poor are getting poorer. The Bush 1% are getting richer and they have so much money to hide that it is becoming a serious problem. The only companies seeing bright days ahead are the military contractors and the security industry bidding for Homeland Security contracts.

Now it should be said that I have no problem with being a multi Billionaire, and being rich is far superior than being poor.

But there is a limit to a population tolerating the size of the gap between rich and poor. In the US that gap also tends to be along racial grounds, with Black and Hispanics tending to be forced into the lower brackets. There are only so many jobs flipping Hamburgers or "Cleaning up in aisle 3" to replace the millions of high paying manufacturing jobs lost in the USA.

The politicians need to recognize the cries from the middle class and working class in the USA, and welcome the initiatives in Venezuela to improve the lot of their restless population.

Welcome bringing better conditions to the population of Venezuela, and instead of finding ways to undermine the socialist leaning administration, find ways of selling them US goods and services to the new prosperous middle class.

There are more companies in the USA to promote besides Haliburton and the Oil Companies.

The voting watchdog center run by President Carter has given the referendum a clean bill of health. No Supreme Court rulings needed, or "fixes" and gifts of safe Congressional seats. The US should welcome social improvements and the new ability for the poor to realize their dream.