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by Alan Simpson

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Viagra Terror Weapon

Always on the look out for new ways to block free trade, and maintain sky high profits for key political contributors the Republican spin machine has found a new slant to frighten the US public from getting affordable pharmaceutical drugs from Canada.

The latest claim is that Al Qaeda may be producing poisoned pharmaceuticals and shipping them into the US from Canada! The latest terror weapon from Osama Bin Laden.

Imagine the jubilation as intelligence analysts realize that Al Qaeda has stopped producing nuclear weapons and started producing fake pharmaceuticals, to terrorize the US population who dare buy these drugs at a fraction of their US price, from that haven of terrorism, Canada.

The plot uncovered directly from the White House is dastardly fiendish for the terrorists will not deploy their poisoned pills directly in the USA, no they will only use Canadian suppliers.

So rest assured that the pills available at a huge premium from your local pharmacy are completely safe. The stupid Canadians on the other hand will willingly send you counterfeit pills they got from a Saudi salesman who left them on the doorstep.

This revelation has upset the Republicans as their senior Senators rely on Viagra, and are willing to even go on TV and promote it. President Clinton on the other hand does not feel he will be a victim of these terrorist attacks.

It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic. It is just one more example of how the whole "War on Terror" is and will be used as a smokescreen to cover a whole rainbow of deceit and pork.

The campaign to make the public think that the pharmaceuticals on sale in Canada were inferior to the ones on sale in the USA has failed. The public knows that is a downright lie. The FDA is probably one of the worst politicized medical oversight bodies in the western world. The Canadians do not treat pharmaceuticals and the welfare of their citizens lightly, and to accuse them of peddling unsafe, and fake drugs in their pharmacies is the worst political lying possible.

Of course if anyone dares question the administration over these statements they will be accused of "Playing politics with peoples lives."

The lack of even the most rudimentary healthcare coverage for the public is a travesty and when all the budget surplus accumulated over the last decade has been spent on Dick Cheney's old company Haliburton and the ill advised war in Iraq, then the widespread demand for cost effective pharmaceuticals has to be stopped at all costs. Doesn't matter if the little old ladies die as long as they keep the profits flowing.

There are fake pharmaceuticals being peddled over the Internet. I would not buy anything from Mexico, or unknown destinations. Canadian pharmacies on the other hand are regulated just as strictly as those in the US. And then there is the question of are these pills really needed?

There are more expensive pharmaceuticals being prescribed by US doctors for no reason other than to earn an extra buck. The number of unnecessary tests is growing to epidemic proportions. In fact the whole medical system needs overhauling.

But more than the question over affordable healthcare and essential supplies is the use of the Terror bogeyman to frighten the public, when it is not justified.

To score political points after the Democratic Convention the public were scared by announcements over an imminent threat to specified buildings. When it turned out that the information was over four years old many felt that these warnings were just Washington hot air. Unfortunately the time will come when the warning is real, and the spin doctors under Karl Rove will regret manufacturing photo ops for Ridge and Ashcroft.

The same week we saw the charges that Canadian pharmaceuticals could come from Al Qaeda we saw Newt Gingrich demanding that civil liberties be suspended to guard against Al Qaeda dropping a nuclear bomb on Washington. Now if AQ has the capabilities of dropping a nuclear weapon on Washington, why are they bothering to take on a huge logistical project of making, packing and distributing pharmaceuticals to Canada, in the hope that they will be sold only across the border in the United States. Are they labeling the drugs "For sale to USA only, by order of Bin Laden".

I suppose after the Auto industry has finished lobbying Washington we will see a leaked message that AQ is manufacturing automobiles that overturn on corners, and people should only buy those made in Detroit. It is of course OK to use automobiles manufactured in Canada, and those from Detroit using the majority of parts from Mexico and Canada. The profits in those cases stay in the USA and the public gets no benefit from the transaction.

But sealed packages of essential pharmaceuticals carefully controlled and distributed may be a weapon of choice from Bin Laden, and his chemists in the caves of remote Pakistan.

And they wonder why many believe the US will lose the "War on Terror"!