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by Alan Simpson

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The Impossible War on Terror

The fact is that like the failed "War on Drugs" announced by the Bush senior the "War on Terror" is an impossible concept. Terror is a tactic, and strategy used to further a conflict between two opposing sides. You can defeat one side or the other, but you can't defeat the method used. There will always be terror tactics used in conflicts.

But the current Christian Fundamentalist Bush Administration can depend on the party faithful to excuse their sweeping statements, and lack of a cohesive plan to defeat "terrorism". It goes back to the brilliant advertising campaigns to sell sausages. The campaign focused on the "sizzle" and totally ignored the sausage. It worked.

If the war on terror was real, instead of a political gambit, then Osama Bin Laden would have been pursued with all the might of the concentrated US Military. They would have caught him a long time ago.

Instead the majority of these military forces were employed to grab the oilfields of Iraq, and destroy a sovereign state. OK Saddam was a SOB who deserved whacking. But so do many of the dictators across the world supported by the US.

The point is that there are many times more troops guarding the Haliburton projects than are out looking for Osama Bin Laden. There are many times the budget allocated to Haliburton than to searching, and bringing the Al Qaeda terrorists to justice.

Terror is a state of mind which is well known to European countries. The IRA tried to terrorize the population of England and Northern Ireland. It should be noted that this terror campaign, not long ago, was funded primarily from Boston, Chicago and New York.

The UK government having learned about terror tactics from years of indiscriminate mass bombing by Herr Hitler, knew the best way to combat them was to try and conduct business as usual, and put on a brave face.

Anyone who visits Washington DC will see that the reaction to 9/11 was absolute panic and paranoia by government, especially to save their own skins.

Consider that London had several 9/11's every day for many months. America during that period was neutral, somewhat pro-German and the Bush family were actively financing Herr Hitler.

Had Herr Hitler's family been residing in and around London during the Blitz, they would have been interned and questioned. They would have probably spent the rest of the war as guests of the government. The same thing happened to the Japanese after Pearl Harbor.

But these are different times and after 9/11, when all planes were grounded, the Bush Administration flew all of Bin Laden's family, friends, and contacts out of the USA, and away from the prying eyes of law enforcement investigation. How dare the FBI ask the Bin Laden family where Osama is hiding! Nice postcard from Pakistan.

Doesn't anyone think that was really stupid, and very strange?

So if the US Military kills every known Al Qaeda sympathizer, flattens every village in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and interns every militant in the world they will have had absolutely no effect on terrorism. For the next day if a frustrated ex-Marine blows up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City then terrorism, as defined by Bush is alive and well. Does the same applies to the Rabid Religious Right who blow up an Abortion Clinic and kill the doctors. Or are they exempt because they hate the Islamic world, and support the Bush campaign.

They are still terrorists. They are still using terror as a tactic to reach their goals. And what about the Contras supported by the same people condemning terrorism today.

The War on Terror is a smooth, all encompassing slogan to advance an ideology. It is impossible to argue against, impossible to quantify, and impossible to win. Of course by the same definition it is also impossible to lose, as there can be no quantifiable result.

The problem is that this is the most dangerous scenario with potential for serious problems in the future. But the Bush manipulators know that with only Kerry to face they can probably get away with their gamble, maybe for the next four years. They will have made so much money off the confusion that they can retire to undisclosed offshore locations, and leave future US administrations and taxpayers to sort out the mess, and pay for it. They will of course have made sure they, and their supporters do not pay taxes.

Tell me again who are the terrorists? And what constitutes a win in the war on terror.