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by Alan Simpson

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Gay Honey Trap

The announcement of the resignation of New Jersey Governor McGreevey took Washington by storm. The next 24 hours showed the power of the Israeli lobby, and their stranglehold on the US media.

The country now used to Gay weddings watched in amazement as the New Jersey Governor, his wife by his side, decided to resign because he had a gay affair. The overall reaction was Huh!

Immediately the realization that there was more to this than a quick romp around the bedroom, and investigative journalists started to dig deeper.

It was known in the early hours that the man in question was Golan Cipel, the $110,000 a year Homeland Security Director appointed by McGreevey.

Digging further it seems that Golan Cipel was having problems with his security clearance, and had left the job under a suspicious screen of secrecy.

New Jersey with its oil and chemical refineries, and its pharmaceutical and high tech industries is considered a key terrorist target, and also controls the major routes in and out of New York.

The Homeland Security Director therefore should be expected to be one of the best in the land, possibly with an FBI, CIA or Military background. He certainly should have no problem with security clearances.


As the story unfolded it was quickly reported that Golan Cipel was an Israeli citizen, with dubious a background. It also turns out that he had been a spokesman for the Israeli Consulate in New York.

It then was reported that the Governor met Golan Cipel in Jerusalem, four years earlier where he was a tour guide showing a New Jersey Jewish Group the sights and sounds.

It seemed strange to Washington Investigative Reporters that a highly qualified Homeland Security Expert would be working as a tour guide in Jerusalem. It further turns out that his background was as a poet, and a sailor.

How does "Hello Sailor" in Jerusalem qualify you as a key Homeland Security Director unless it is an orchestrated Honey Pot entrapment straight from the pages of Mata Hari?

Suddenly this morning,  as if by magic all the mass media outlets dropped any reference to Golan Cipel.

Today the same investigative journalists changed their reporting and called Golan Cipel, a Middle Eastern person. It is as if an unseen censor suddenly choked the editorial output of the mainstream US media.

The sudden resignation was downplayed and Republican politicians suddenly became sympathetic to the personal anguish of a tormented Democratic Governor.


Off the record those who would speak said in no uncertain terms that they dare not upset the powerful Jewish lobby, or want to embarrass Israel, for fear of reprisals.

Now I am not worried about the Honey Trap, or the obvious links to Jerusalem, the Israeli Consulate and big contributors currently under investigation for fraud. No my concern is this Asshole Governor appointed at $110,000 a rank amateur, with no qualifications or experience to oversee Homeland Security in such an important State. One must also question the access Cipel gained to plans for New York, and adjacent states, and the sensitive information of all the communication and telecommunication circuits that run through New Jersey.

There will not be any investigation as the politicians here in Washington dare not look to see what they might uncover.

Had Golan Cipel been of Chinese, or Arab descent there would have been Congressional and FBI investigations plastered across the nations TV screens. There would have been headlines reading "Critical Homeland Security Secrets Compromised" as it is there will be silence.

The US has got itself into a real bind, and history will show the results will be disastrous.