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by Alan Simpson

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Liberals, Liberals, Liberals

Liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal...... I haven't much to say so I will take a leaf out of the right wing  op-ed writers playbook and use liberal as many times as I can.

If you read the vast number of conservative gas bags who proliferate the op-ed pages of the print media you can believe the country has been overrun with a plague of aliens from the planet     Liber.

They are causing terrible disruption to the communication process, which loses any critical focus and is reduced to babble and constantly repeating the word "Liberal."

Where once there had to be a point for op-ed columns the cosmic influence from Liber has reduced to attacks on the messenger and the same old negative drivel freely expounded as "Conservative Viewpoint" or "Conservative ...." or many other syndicated pieces from retired, and privileged writers with no real input to the media they label as "Liberal" They could ask themselves that if indeed the media was Liberal, why did it publish their inane diatribe consisting of nothing but a long conservative attack on liberals.

If the editors had some real news function, instead of balancing the number of pages allocated to advertising with editorial, they would demand that these conservative gas bags spell out their reasons for considering the liberal candidates so totally useless.

They should contrast and compare their politician, or party with the contender, and spell out why the other party, or candidate is a worse choice than theirs.

The other uneducated trait used far too much on television, especially on Fox and CNN, is to use the ploy of accusing  the opposing candidate of "Playing Politics" instead of answering the question. This works great when you know you have screwed up, and want to deflect critical attention to the messenger who asked the question.

This ploy is seen whenever a Democrat asks probing questions about 9/11, the Gulf War and lately the price of prescription drugs. In response to asking why they are so high the rabid right-wingers promptly swing attention from the excess profits to the "Democrats playing politics with peoples lives." Nice move but a total Red Herring. Trouble is that most people watching Fox News, or listening to Rush Limbaugh think a Red Herring is a fish from China.


As I move around Washington and speak to the lawmakers and politicians I can't help wondering why they are still   squabbling about the seating at the Captains Table knowing that the Titanic has just struck an iceberg.

The Democrats gave up their role of acting as the opposition party to question the ruling Republicans since 9/11, and in return are now being viciously attacked as liberals, unfit for office. This flawed policy from their spineless leaders has done the country no favors, and certainly not their candidates.

Many leading Democrats believe that George Bush should be allowed to win the upcoming election, thus making him responsible for cleaning up, and paying for his own mess. Then the spineless Democratic leadership can be cleaned out, a more dynamic opposition created, and Teddy Kennedy be finally put out to pasture.

Till that happens the op-ed and talk show gas bags will get away with deflecting probing questions by invoking the plague of aliens known as Liberals and accusing those who ask questions of the rabid right as "Playing Politics"

God forbid they account for their actions, policies and statements to the people.