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by Alan Simpson

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Newts are for Ponds

The number of televised posturing Congressional Committees looking into the failure of the intelligence services after 9/11 has become totally counterproductive and demonstrating that the reforms must start with Congress.

The disgraced former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich  brought new depths of comedy and tragedy to the endless output of televised blood letting. For those who have forgotten it was Newt who was directly responsible for blocking the vast majority of anti-terrorism initiatives in his opposition to Clinton. His Contract with America was a joke.

Now, to prove that disgraced politicians don't die, they come back to haunt us on television Newt was back again, thanks to CSpan.

Newt has finally read the books about terrorism given to him by none other than President Clinton and realized that maybe he and his pack wolves should have spent more time worrying about bin Laden and less about Bills zipper. The role of Congress in the failures has been glossed over by the many committees looking at the failures. Of course it has as the committees are formed from the ranks of those who failed in their oversight and fiduciary duties.

But it is not listening to the Newt revealing that Tom Clancy had got it right in his spy novels, and the $30,000,000,000 a year intelligence community completely blew it that should alarm anyone in a democracy. No it's the idea that all rights should be suspended, including Habeas Corpus and all civil liberties to protect against Bin Laden dropping a nuclear device on Washington.

In a presentation that rivals Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove dear Newt wants to rip up the constitution and create a medieval fiefdom, suitably crafted along religious lines.

The glorious omnipotence of the ruler of America, the Sun God who rules heaven and Earth must have a coronation free from worrying about the bomber fleets from the caves of rural Pakistan darkening the skies over Washington. The peasants must be brought to their knees and made to suffer should they dare to look upon the anointed one.

President Reagan must be turning in his grave. When he was shot he bravely suffered the pain, fought the odds and came back as the true leader. He did not close Washington, bomb all the Hilton Hotels in retaliation and strip all the residents of DC of their rights for not throwing themselves on the gunman.

It is time for the electorate to stop concentrating on Monday night football, or who will win the World Series, and take a hard look at the slide towards a totalitarian state. When I first came to Washington, DC the Peoples House and the Peoples Congress were open to all citizens of this great land. Today you will get a rifle barrel in your face if you try and approach without an invitation from the ruling class.

This has not been created by a bearded terrorist in a cave in remote Pakistan. It has been created by the new rulers using the excuse of that same broken, bearded terrorist in a cave in Pakistan.

Now I don't know how many long range bombers capable of evading the air defenses, and delivering a nuclear weapon on Washington you can hide in the average cave, but it can't be that many.

The intelligence services are rebounding and with the law enforcement agencies are arresting terrorists. It's time for Newt to quietly go back to his pond, and for the electorate to take back the capital city. If the world hates President Bush so much that they will start a nuclear war, then he should be kept safe in an underground location till the end of his appointed term, and the States and Congress should do what the founding fathers intended.