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by Alan Simpson

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Go Porter Goss!

I know I will upset the Democrats by supporting Porter Goss to head the CIA, but that's life. They complain that he is a partisan Republican with many reasons not to be appointed.

The first argument from the left is that Porter Goss is a political ploy to appease the voters of Florida and win more of their votes, and maybe their loyal assistance should it be required to throw the election again. Well the average Florida voter doesn't know who Porter Goss is, and really doesn't care.

The second argument is that Porter Goss has a lot of baggage from his days at the CIA which includes whispered rumors of suspicious deaths along the way. 

The third argument is that he said to Michael Moore that he would be unqualified to be employed by the CIA under the current employment rules. Maybe that is why they are constantly having "Intelligence Failures". They are recruiting the wrong kind of people to be in the intelligence business. By that yardstick President Bush is totally unqualified to be President. OK we all know that and let's stick to Porter Goss.

Now I have bitched for many years, long before 9/11, that the whole intelligence system should be retooled, reformed and reorganized. That got a lot of sliming from the retired CIA, FBI and NSA who caused the present mess.

So now Congress and the 9/11 Commission agree with me let the President and the Senate come together to appoint Porter Goss to the post, immediately. Now, and not wait till the outcome of the election.

Porter Goss knows his way around Congress, who control the purse strings. He knows his way around Langley. He knows the problems, and the solutions.

He is a right wing Republican. yes and the present mess in the intelligence agencies goes directly back to liberal ideals and the decisions of liberal Presidents to gut the Humint operations so invaluable to any intelligence operation. Maybe if President Carter had built houses instead of destroying our intelligence services we would not have suffered 9/11!

Maybe if President Clinton had listened to his intelligence advisers instead of Hillary and "Gays in the Military" we would have strengthened our defences instead of painting them pink!

This is not the time to seek a politically correct, sensitive and bi-partisan Director of Central Intelligence. I would like to see one of the old school who does not call press conferences, does not lay out his plans before open congressional committees, suitably televised on CSpan just goes out, and locates, analyzes and neutralizes the threat, preferably in conjunction with the military. I would hate to see a single "Licensed to Kill" aboration develop.

Porter Goss is ready for action next week, does not require a learning curve, and is fully briefed from being Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. He is smart enough to know that if he gets too partisan, and Kerry is elected he will be fired in January. On the other hand he could be just what the country, and Kerry needs, so if he shines he could go down in history as a great DCI.

No Porter Goss has no political aspirations for higher office, so he is the best candidate for the job.

So stop the public posturing and bickering. Appoint Porter Goss ASAP, and if Democrats win the election and don't like him, fire his ass in January.

But make sure you have a better candidate!