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by Alan Simpson

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Chalabi - Nice Scam!

The embarrassing revelations over  Ahmed Chalabi should not come as a surprise to anyone. A very smart man with a driven passion to be the ruler of his Iraq, at any cost.

The misinformation fed to the White House has resulted in the deaths of a thousand US troops, and the maiming of several thousand more.

The whole disgusting, and expensive farce can be laid directly at the feet of Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Doug Feith and discredited Richard Perle.

The unholy alliance between Christian Fundamentalists and Jewish Extremists did not find the smoking gun, or WMD's to be more accurate from analysis by the professional intelligence agencies.

They created "The Office of Special Plans" to circumvent the established, legal intelligence agencies, the Constitution and any other piece of paper that got in the way of the NeoCons.

They needed a photogenic ally to do the talk show circuit and blind side the administration, and the American public.


Their dreams were answered in the form of Ahmed Chalabi and his Iraqi National Congress.

It is becoming very clear that the con men of the Pentagon were themselves conned by a world class master of the art. What is even more distressing to the average American is that these Pentagon hot heads gave Chalabi $27,000,000 of tax payers money to lie to the American public to further their cause.

The next question is one that causes even more embarrassment and that is was Chalabi acting as a conduit of misinformation for Iran. Chalabi states that he needs to be friendly with Iran if not for any other reason than Iran is the neighbor of Iraq, and with three times the population. Interestingly he was in Tehran when the latest indictments were issued.

He is accused of passing on highly secret files to Iran, and causing serious damage to US military operations. The question should be not that he allegedly handed over Top Secret files to the Axis of Evil, as defined by President Bush, but where did he get those files, and which of the Pentagon con men authorized this. Chalabi hardly got the Watergate Plumbers to steal them from Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld et. al.


In an election year the whole affair will be covered up by the White House and I am sure Karl Rove will find a way to blame it on John Kerry.

The facts are that Ahmed Chalabi fed a load of lies and half truths, got paid $27,000,000 of taxpayers hard earned money to feed discredited NeoCons with the information they needed to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public.

The Congress of the United States is tasked with oversight of the Pentagon and has failed miserably in its constitutional duties.  It has allowed a known convicted swindler to join a conspiracy to mislead the people of the United States, and allowed him to get paid $27,000,000 to boot.

Nice work if you can get it!