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by Alan Simpson

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Dirty, Disgusting Politics!

There is nothing noble about a disgusting gaggle of rabid right-wingers lying about the service record of John Kerry and spending far more money than they can ever assemble themselves on a carefully crafted television campaign ad.

Could Karl Rove's fingerprints be all over the master tapes??

There is validity in many veterans believing that Kerry went too far in his demonstrations thirty years ago, and on his protestations to Congress. Last time I looked it was a country that believed in debate, discussion and the freedom of speech, especially in and before Congress.

I would like to see each one of these individuals making unsubstantiated claims about Kerry do so under oath before the same Congress they despise. I would like to see the list of donors, in fact the loophole in the Campaign Finance Bill plugged so this sort of disgusting politicking, without oversight is stopped, for both sides in the political race.

Now I have no problem with each one of these coming forth in an OpEd and giving the public the facts about a particular incident, such as Colin Powells handling of the Mai Lai Massacre, and see what results.

But to just give quick accusations, with no facts or details of why Kerry was a fraud, when his country gave him three Purple Hearts, Bronze Star, and Silver Star.

Are we to believe from these geniuses that the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts were frauds, and that again and again Kerry hoodwinked the military, and his reviewing superiors.

In my years of active military service I believed several people were downright disliked, rode roughshod over everyone they met, and were positive pains in the ass, but I would never consider getting $500,000 in unmarked bills, as well as God knows what payoffs, to appear on a disgusting commercial to lie about a candidate in a neck and neck race.

John McCain had the guts to immediately condemn the commercial. He should know the Bush camp (Karl Rove again??) pulled the same stunt against him when he dared challenge the NeoCons. No one who has served in the military would hesitate in condemning the awards for valor, and service to America.

That is of course except the present Commander in Chief who just sucked at a ear of unripe corn in an effort to pretend he did not hear the question from reporters.

Like the criminal leak of the name of an active CIA Agent to Bob Novak, one has to wonder who knew about the attack?

Now in the days of democratic process there was respect for opponents in the race. President Reagan was a classic example of respecting opponents in debate. The thought of President Reagan dressed like a Texas layabout, avoiding such an important question on the credibility of awards to servicemen, smirking and sucking a corn cob is beyond imagination.

I was no fan of James Carville, and his managing of the Clinton campaigns. That depth in the gutter has been passed long ago with the antics of Karl Rove and the faceless hatchetmen in the Republican backrooms.

With the economy sluggish, if not crumbling, jobs disappearing wholesale, a failing war in Iraq, a global image in the Toilet, and a polarized population not seen since the Civil War, we do not need these dirty tricks in politics.

Unfortunately we now can brace ourselves for hearing from the drunks who swigged beer with George, at Billy Bobs when he should have been learning how to fly, and was avoiding being picked up and made to do his service in the National Guard.

Like all the time wasted with Bill's zipper we are missing the real issues that are destroying the fabric of a great country, not to say debasing the validity of the nations awards to it's heroes!

Stop Dirty Politics!