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by Alan Simpson

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Backdoor Draft

Aug. 5th, 2004 --One of the least discussed, and one of the most unjust aspects of the current invasion of Iraq is the use of National Guard volunteers to invade foreign countries, when there is, and never was a danger to the United States.

It creates an unjust burden on the families, and lives of the volunteers, and reservists. What makes it even more despicable is that many of these volunteers, ill equipped, and not trained for the task, are thrown into the battle alongside Mercenaries (aka Contractors) who are being paid many thousands of dollars more a month.

There are over 20,000 Mercenaries running around Iraq, many with masters, and missions kept away from scrutiny. They abuse Iraqi nationals, and leave the regular soldiers to clean up the mess.

Now if the reservists, and regular military got a cut of the Oil revenues, and other commercial windfalls then maybe the families of the thousand or so brave volunteers would see some benefit in their sacrifice.

But that is not going to happen and the rich get rich, and the poor get slaughtered.

The critics point to the fact that these reservists knew what they were getting themselves into when they joined up. No they did not!

If the terms of enlistment were applied to the sale of a commercial item, it would have been thrown out as made under false pretences, and the buyer would have their money back.

Outside a Maryland National Guard Unit was a huge sign touting free education for a few hours a month, and a weekend in the local woods. That sign has been taken down as there are no woods in Baghdad. The education is keeping your head down and praying the next car isn't a bomb.

The political reality is that the next administration in Washington has either to reinstate some form of draft, or pull out prematurely and repeat Vietnam. Unfortunately the world's Oil supply is in the balance and the wrong decision could plunge the world economy into a depression that would make the 1930's look like boom times.


It then seems very strange that the volunteers who can keep the oil flowing, and can build a more stable Iraq are treated so badly, for if they call it quits, who will replace them?

Here in Washington there are gang murders almost daily. Drug dealers rule their neighborhoods like war lords. So why are they running around free, and the law abiding men and women  are half a world away, struggling to pay their bills, and defending freedom. The freedom to have their cars repossessed for non-payment, the freedom to have their houses foreclosed because as a private they no longer make the money they did before they were shipped overseas.

And when they come home they can see the factories closing, their jobs outsourced, and their children killed by stray bullets. And the worst thing is that nobody in the White House, or Congress gives a rip. They are too busy making money.

The war in Iraq will drag on far into the forseable future, regardless of who wins the November election. There needs to be something better than a Backdoor Draft done on the cheap.