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by Alan Simpson

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Beware the Dragon Awakes

In the name calling and political gymnastics that fill our television screens there are several indicators that we are missing.

The Rednecks are running around, beating their hairy chests and proclaiming that the US "Kicked Saddams Butt" proof that the US is an omnipotent superpower.

Half a world away the Peoples Republic of China is quietly building towards the long predicted  war with the United States. There are no parades, no cigar smoking despot firing a rifle into the air. Just quiet preparations, with deadly precision.

For many years the window of conflict has been considered by some to be between 2010 and 2025, the closer to 2025 the better the chances of China winning the war.

I happen to have travelled extensively in China, and have a great deal of respect for the Chinese people.

They are currently cleaning up their country and slowly moving from dirty brown coal to natural gas, and oil as their primary source of energy. The western nations have badgered them to clean up their environment, and stop adding to global polution and warming.

Unfortunately that puts the Chinese on another collision course with the United States. They are both after the same pool of diminishing oil reserves.

When the Chinese were silent over the totally illogical invasion of Iraq by the Bush administration it should have started alarm bells ringing.

It didn't, only the voice of Bill Gertz was heard in the media warning of the awakening of the Dragon.

The reason was purely commercial, there is billions to be made in bringing China to the forefront of technology. Even Microsoft is moving a lot of it's R&D to China, so are Siemens and many other leading technology companies.

The top PhD's in advanced technologies are all Chinese and Indian. Their colleges are churning out millions of engineers, and technicians. Ours focus on the liberal arts, with emphasis of political correctness and afirmative action. We must ensure the jobs are outsourced fairly with no bias allowed. Everyone must be screwed equally by Wall Street.

The military inventory of China is interesting, and they seem to want to buy anything, and everything the old Soviet states have to sell. They also have a lot of military age men, with no hope of finding mates, who make an ideal army.

But what is more interesting is that this week the Chinese government have put a date on Taiwan coming back into the fold. The date of 2010 is being indicated as the crunch date.

Now the whole question of aging treaties between the US and Taiwan begin to raise their ugly heads. The military in Iraq have done all, in fact more than asked of them. To invade a small flat, ecomomically bankrupt country, starved of materials through years of sanctions has stretched the US military to near breaking point. The US has after all has a peacetime army.

Saddam sat around, smoking his Cigars waiting, and letting the US build up it's invasion army, without lifting a finger.

Will the Dragon allow the US to move it's armies around the world to defend Taiwan? Will the American public, drained in a long war in Iraq bother what happens to Taiwan, and all the treaties?

The US is busy pulling out it's military from Korea, faced with the looming threat of a North Korean Dictator. Will that be a sign to China that the US will dump Taiwan, in favor of the huge money making potential of trade with China.

These are the question that Bush and Kerry should be answering, not about invading Syria and Iran, to please the extremists in Israel. Syria breeds dozens of suicide bombers, China breeds millions of armed troops, with nuclear weapons and delivery systems.