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by Alan Simpson

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The Thousand Break Point

One hundred dead is a lot, nine hundred dead is also a lot, but one thousand dead is a disaster.

The numer of military killed in Iraq will pass that break point before the election. How will it effect the attitude towards the war.

Truth is we do not know, for the US is on uncharted ground for the first time in modern history. The invasion of soverign Iraq was planned a long time ago, probably before Bush came into the White House. It was a gross miscalculation, and the fingerprints of the Wolfman are all over it.

I could have understood the gamble if the regime was like North Korea, but Saddam was falling apart at the seams, and giving in to every UN demand. He was a broken, spent force ready to be replaced by peaceful means from inside.

But that would have left Iraq with a security and military force intact, and the oilfields under their control.

So to destroy that scenario, and totally humiliate and weaken the Arabs we destroyed their ability to fight, defend their borders, and maintain order. Just as was done to the Palestinians!

The military losses are really very small, and do credit to the training, equipment and tactics of the US and British military.

But to take a leaf out of the old British Empire playbook the military should now go home, except for a few in secure garrisons, and leave the Empire Police to march in restore order, and imprison all who fall foul of the Kings officials.

Unfortunately the agenda was to destroy and humiliate the Arabs, not build a shining strong democracy. Probably by now the illustrious Commander in Chief is begining to see what his advisers had in mind.

The fact is that the military now have an impossible task, where they are vulnerable, exposed to terror weapons, and hated by an ungrateful population. Freedom means nothing when there is muder, looting, and no services for the average citizen.


The thousand break point has two effects on moral, one at home, and one throughout the anti-American extremists in Arab and Muslim world.

It puts on a whole different psychological face to the deaths. It quantifies the conflict and escalates it to a whole new dimension. There is not a lot of difference between one hundred and ninety nine, and nine hundred and ninety nine, but one thousand is closer to twenty thousand, in the rallying call of recruits to extremism than it is to nine hundred and ninety nine.

When the thousand barrier is crossed then we need to have a visible answer for why so many died.

When the thousand barrier is crossed we need to have a reason why the youth across the region should not take up bombs, and arms to make it two thousand, then ten thousand, it is just a matter of time.