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Today Alan Simpson advises the legal profession on Competitive Intelligence and GeoPolitical Intelligence to protect and assist their clients. He has advised many law firms on developing their own Open Source Intelligence departments, and their own media tracking departments. The high profile lawyers who represent clients in the public eye need that capability of tracking the media, and the public perceptions before, during, and after major trials.

Law firms are one of the biggest users of Open Source Intelligence in their search for media coverage, news or statements about, or from their clients. Their interpretation of media intelligence can completely alter their position and strategy in the courtroom, or in negotiations for their client. OSINT has become a essential part of Due Diligence, especially where acquisitions and investment in corporations is concerned.

Y2K Legal Archives

From 1996 Alan Simpson spearheaded the distribution of Legal Intelligence to Lawyers throughout the world. The website became the daily reading of legislators and lawyers alike, as many aspects of Due Diligence were brought out into the open. During the days of Y2K he joined with such market leaders as LexisNexis to bring the latest intelligence on Y2K to their subscribers. The Y2K legal papers are kept on this section to allow study by law students.

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