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The Forum is the brainchild of Alan Simpson and was launched in early 2000. The discussions and briefings have been mostly "Off the Record" and were not reported here on the website.

The many visits to Embassies, and informal meetings with Ambassadors, and Embassy Staff have enlightened us all to the facts behind geopolitical events.

The new format, using LinkedIn will extend the scope and coverage of The Intelligence Forum. The number of briefings and meetings will be increased, and we hope these initiatives result in a better understanding of geopolitical intelligence.

Two Sons of Famous Cold Warriors Meet

Washington, DC --- The setting was the Polish Embassy in Washington, DC. Ambassadors from Hungary and Poland hosted a reception for The Cold War Museum. But "A photo speaks a thousand words" for here Alan Simpson is with Gary Powers, son of Francis Gary Powers the U2 pilot shot down over the Soviet Union, and Sergei Kruschev son of Premier Nikita Kruschev, the leader of the Soviet Union at the time he was shot down. Sadly Ross Mark, the Daily Express Bureau Chief in Moscow, who broke the story for the western press, and became a regular visitor to the trial of Francis Powers died a few weeks ago.

The entire day had been an academic analysis of the many conflicts which shaped Polish, Hungarian and ultimately world politics. Today many of the key players of the Cold War live in the United States, and the inside insights of the politics of that period are finally being told.

The Intelligence Forum is now on LinkedIn

IntelForum has been meeting in Washington, DC and listening to speakers from the Intelligence world since 2000.

Today you can have an ongoing discussion, or just meet some of the over 240 members on LinkedIn. From March 2009 the Intel sites will be reorganized, and linked to enable more discussion, and more announcements of new products, conferences and exhibitions.

We welcome papers and insights for inclusion on this updated site.

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