Monitoring the Pulse of Politics, Technology, Media, and the Public

Since 1996 has been at the cutting edge of computers, technology, geopolitical intelligence and global media. Multiple presentations have been made to the UN, US Congress and top executives of corporations around the world.

Drawing on years of developing news and global communications networks the team both advises and reports on the advances of intelligence and media technologies, especially those utilizing massive computer power and defining perceptions, trends and actionable intelligence. This technology utilizes the ground breaking Swarm Intelligence and billions of calculations to determine relationships, abilities and movement of "Agents". Although we utilize many programs to search for perceptions, trends and developments the primary engine is News Patterns, the most advanced SAAS based media monitoring platform.

Alan Simpson leads a team of experts, based in Washington, DC and around the world. The majority of briefings and corporate development sessions have been behind closed doors, and we specialize in discrete development, networking and brain storming.

Operations were moved from Central Washington, DC to Easton, Maryland in 2003, even before Vice President Cheney, and Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. We too recognized the advantages of the airport for executive jets, the discrete meeting and networking facilities, with Golf, Shooting, Fine Dining and of course the Chesapeake Bay. Beyond the prying eyes of the world media, and competitors.

The Washington Connection is kept alive thanks to the National Press Club, and a Rolodex full of contacts and sources. Today this insight is enhanced with state-of-the-art software programs that constantly scan hundreds of millions of Blogs and websites, news feeds, political feeds and millions of social networking messages. The electronic pulse of the world.

Today the focus is on upper management and networking of political leaders and top executives from around the world, to be briefed and meet with those who can guide them through to a successful business conclusion. Knowing the right people, and having the right intelligence.

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