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Tourism Intelligence & Branding

A whole tourism industry has been built up around the Chesapeake Bay on the simple Blue Crab. In Maine it's the Lobster, in Louisiana it's the Crawfish. In Orlando it's cartoon characters, fantasy and riding the movies.

Around the world each destination has it's own brand, and well branded destinations are successful. Poorly branded ones are forgotten. The fact is that a hotel is a hotel, a beach is a beach, and there is an oversupply of both. There needs to be something to attract the buyer other than the low price, for at the moment "cheap" drives many buying decisions, and the complaints that follow. For the public are becoming annoyed at hidden surcharges, and costs not published up front, in order to get an attractive booking price.

Such "Nickel and Dimeing" can destroy the credibility of a Brand. Decision makers have to become more savvy about both Branding and Market Intelligence.

Executive Intelligence Training

We utilize a number of training locations in and around Washington, DC and Maryland to develop intelligence and diplomacy skills in corporate executives and senior managers. We have exclusive retreats for briefings, training and brain storming.

We are focused on Geopolitical and Corporate Intelligence and leave the blundering around in secret to the FBI and CIA. Our clients demand results, and accountability, with the eye on enhancing, growing and protecting the Enterprise.

So if you are looking for Interrogation Techniques, and classes on 9 years of Hunting Bin Laden, the ComLinks Executive Intelligence Center is not for you. If you want insights suitable for top executives, join us. We have facilities for corporate jets a few minutes away, Golf, Shooting and Fishing, even facilities for meetings and briefings at sea, far away from prying eyes and eavesdropping devices.

Alan J Simpson